Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort - Glass Igloos at Night, Finnish Lapland, Finland

Unique Accommodations Around the World

For the past 45 years Goway has been sending Globetrotters to some of the world’s last true frontiers. In addition, we also offer a various choice of accommodations… some quite extraordinary! From skylodges on the side of the Andean mountains to sleeping under the stars on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and game watching while you’re on your own private “Ark,” Goway offers not only unique destinations but unique accommodations.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is the world’s leading premium arctic resort located 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. Offering magical experiences surrounded by the authentic arctic wilderness – every season of the year – the resort is best known for its world-famous Glass Igloos, Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, and arctic art.

Goway offers travellers the unique experience of sleeping under the Nordic sky, including the famous Northern Lights. Explore the wilderness with a range of daily activities, returning each night to your glass-roofed accommodations where the Northern Lights will dance above your head as you fall off to sleep.

Suggested Itinerary:
3-Day Glass Igloo Stay: Winter Finnish Lapland

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort - Glass Igloos, Finnish Lapland, Finland
Glass igloos of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

South America

Have you ever wanted to sleep in a condor’s nest? Here is the next best thing! A transparent luxury capsule that hangs from the top of a mountain in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Sleeping, suspended from the side of a mountain with aerial views up and down the Sacred Valley that leads to Machu Picchu and feeds the Amazon River, is just simply amazing. To access the Skylodge, you first must hike a trail interspersed with zip lines. Your stay overnight, 400 feet over the valley floor, offers a condor’s 300 degree eye view of the Sacred Valley.

Sky Lodge Pod with Stunning Views of the Sacred Valley, Peru
Skylodge pod with stunning views of the Sacred Valley


Back in the day, Antarctica was a destination for the financially well-to-do and those with a true spirit of adventure. One of those two prerequisites has changed – you no longer need to be a Bill Gates or Warren Buffet to travel to one of the world’s last true frontiers.

Fly to Antarctica and experience an overnight stay at an Ice Camp in Collins Glacier. Now, where else can you brag, “I flew to the 7th Continent and camped there!”

Suggested Itinerary:
3-4 Day Fly to Antarctica

Fly to Antarctica
Fly to Antarctica


Australia has a well-deserved reputation for being home to some of the more, let’s say exotic, not to mention, deadliest animals in the world. Goway offers a chance to get somewhat face to face with the unique fauna of Australia, providing a truly memorable and personal experience. Enjoy an overnight stay in Sydney at the famous Taronga Zoo. Sleep in safari-style tents, enjoy a delicious dinner and a nightcap, plus guided night time and early morning safari walks. Keep an eye for the “Drop Bears.”

Suggested Itinerary:
2-Day Roar & Snore

Taronga Zoo Camps in Sydney, Australia
Camps at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo

Heading north up the coast, Globetrotters will discover the world’s largest barrier reef and one of Mother Nature’s wonders – Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. A totally unique experience in the Whitsundays, enjoy a full day cruise on the Reef and enjoy snorkeling, diving, and other water activities.  At the end of the day, instead of heading back to the mainland, you will stay at the reef and sleep under the stars in a “swag” – a version of a sleeping bag – whilst enjoying dinner and possibly an optional night dive.

Suggested Itinerary:
2-Day Reefsleep Overnight Experience

Stay Overnight on a Swag in the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia
Stay overnight on a swag on the Great Barrier Reef

Idyllic Islands

From one magical water playground to another – from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean – sample Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort. Offering the first ever Underwater Restaurant – sitting five meters beneath the surface – this unique dining experience offer guests 180 degree views encompassing the lively coral greenhouse surrounding it. Match this unique experience with a stay in one of the Conrad’s outstanding Overwater Villas, and you are sure to have a holiday of a lifetime in the Maldives.

Suggested Itinerary:
8-Day Maldives: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives
Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island


Africa is not only home to some of the world’s most famous wildlife, but features some of the widest options for unique and stylish stays. The Ark, in Abedare National Park, is a unique and quirky safari lodge in Kenya, modelled after Noah’s ark, with 3 decks overlooking a floodlit waterhole and salt lick. Instead of going on game drives, the animals come to you. Rooms are fitted with a buzzer, and the ranger will alert you as to what animal has come to the waterhole – one ring for an elephant, 2 rings for a rhino, etc. Guests can also choose to gather on the deck at all hours of the night in their sleepwear to experience this unusual form of game viewing!

Suggested Itinerary:
8-Day Soul Safari

Elephants at the Ark in Abedare National Park, Kenya
Elephants at The Ark in Abedare National Park

When staying at one of the Lion Sands game lodges in Sabi Sands or Kruger National Park in South Africa, guests have the option to spend a night beneath a million stars on an elevated platform, complete with all the comforts of a 5-star lodge. Guests are dropped off at the treehouse at sunset, where drinks and a delicious picnic basket await them, and the night is spent absorbing the sounds and smells of the African bushveld.

Suggested Itineraries:
4-Day Lion Sands Ivory Lodge
4-Day Lion Sands Tinga Lodge

Sabi Sands Treehouse, Sabi Sands, South Africa
Treehouse stays in Sabi Sands


Goway’s new adventure excursion from Chiang Rai in Thailand to Luang Prabang in Laos, offers Globetrotters a truly unforgettable experience.  Travellers spend a night in a multi-share treetop hotel near the border of Thailand and Laos. The only access to your mattress is by zipline! Awaken in the mist of the rainforest before swinging to your next destination, which happens to be boarding a riverboat up the Mekong to Luang Prabang.

Suggested Itinerary:
8-Day Northern Thailand to Laos via the Mekong

Gibbon Experience Treehouse Adventure at the Border of Thailand and Laos
Gibbon Experience treehouse adventure found at the border of Thailand and Laos

To end off this around-the-world journey of unique accommodation, we finish in one of the most remote corners of the world – Mongolia. Situated between Russia and China, is the world’s largest landlocked country, with a population of only 2.8 million. It was also the home of the illustrious Genghis Khan who controlled his vast empire from here. The terrain consists of plains, high mountains, forests, and lake. The famous Gobi Desert is a nature lover’s paradise.

Experience what it is like to be a local Mongolian and stay in a traditional yurt. Room service in this unique accommodation includes a mug of hot Suutei Tsai (steamed cow’s milk with black tea leaves). It’s customary to receive the drink with your right hand and immediately take a sip before putting it down. While not exactly a 5-star experience by normal hotel standards, one could argue that being in the middle of the steppes of Mongolia surrounded by nomadic horsemen is indeed a priceless memory of a lifetime! Goway offers a selection of yurts, from shared bath to private ensuites.

Suggested Itinerary:
5-Day Mongolia Stopover

Yurt in Mongolia
Yurt in Mongolia

Aside from offering new and different locales and exciting travel ideas, Goway is always searching for something different when it comes to places to stay. The above are a small sample of unique accommodation to truly make your globetrotting adventures even more memorable. Ask your destination specialist about these accommodations, and any other ways we can assist in offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Don Forster

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