Pandaw Expedition Cruises - RV Orient Pandaw, Irrawaddy River, Myanmar

Two Top River Expeditions to Explore on an Asia Vacation

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Discover the rich riverside history and daily life of the Irrawaddy and Mekong rivers with Pandaw River Expeditions, Southeast Asia’s longest-established river cruise operator. Pandaw’s boutique shallow-draft ships are hand-crafted in teak and brass and range from five to 30 cabins, designed to maximize comfort and personalized service on your Asia vacation.

Pandaw’s expedition managers are constantly searching out undiscovered treasures for inquisitive guests to explore. Excursion programs are designed to help passengers get in touch with local communities, and mountain bikes are provided in order to help guests step off the beaten tourist track.

The Irrawaddy: Mandalay to Bagan Expedition Cruise

This popular expedition takes in the very best highlights of the Irrawaddy, offering guests an in-depth exploration of Myanmar’s Buddhist archaeology, art, and architecture spanning two millennia. There are over 3,000 monuments to discover in Bagan alone! Highlights on this Asia vacation include stops in small villages known for their pottery-making, discovering the temples of Salay, ascending the Tan-Ch-Taung Mountains by 4×4, and exploring the UNESCO World Heritage treasures of Bagan. This varied itinerary gives passengers a unique insight into this incredible country.

8-Day Mandalay to Bagan Expedition Cruise

Pandaw Expedition Cruises - RV Kha Byoo Pandaw, Irrawaddy River, Myanmar
RV Kha Byoo Pandaw on the Irrawaddy River

The Mekong: Classic Mekong

Pandaw’s newly-revised schedule takes you through striking cultural contrasts, from Vietnam’s bustling delta to the tranquillity of rural Cambodia. During high water season, Pandaw’s shallow-draft ships offer guests the exclusive opportunity to travel to Kratie and observe the endangered river-dwelling Mekong dolphins. This conservation-sensitive excursion underlines Pandaw’s commitment to offering travel experiences in tune with Southeast Asia’s magnificent and precious natural environment. Other expedition highlights on this Asia vacation include discovering the splendours of the former French city of Phnom Penh by cyclo, travelling by canals to the local markets of Sa Dec, and strolling through a Muslim village of the Cham tribe.

8-Day Classic Mekong

Pandaw Expedition Cruises - RV Mekong Pandaw, Mekong River, Cambodia Vietnam
RV Mekong Pandaw sailing the Mekong River

Goway offers these two journeys plus several other Pandaw boutique cruises in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, and India.

Call 1-888-469-2950 or visit for details.

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