Tunisia Tops Lonely Planet’s Best Value Destinations for 2015

2015 list puts Goway’s North Africa destination in prime spot!

Two of Africa’s most beautiful countries have defied alarmist headlines to come out on top of the world’s Best Value Destinations, as named by Lonely Planet. The travel guidebook giant has named Tunisia and South Africa the year’s best deals in its ‘2015 Best in Travel’ listings.

Namibia and Morocco were also named among the 10 Top Countries to visit in 2015.

Such a strong showing buoys hope for travel in Africa, which has been hit hard by Ebola fears. Many North American travelers have this year chosen to stay away from this vast continent, despite outbreaks of the disease being confined to just a few countries, located thousands of miles from these popular destinations.

Amphitheatre in El Jem, Tunisia
Amphitheatre in El Jem, Tunisia

Tunisia, which claimed the coveted number one spot on the ‘Best Value’ list, is safely perched at Africa’s northern tip on the Mediterranean coast. Tourists may take in Roman ruins, exquisitely detailed mosques, the ancient remains of Carthage, or even former Star Wars sets.

Perennial favorite, South Africa, claimed second place thanks to a weakened currency and a well-developed tourism industry. There’s an Africa safari here to suit any budget, and only in Cape Town can a visitor go wildlife watching, wine tasting, diving with sharks, wilderness hiking, and nightlife hopping, without ever switching cities! Those who want to travel further afield might venture north to Namibia, runner up on Lonely Planet’s 10 Top Countries for 2015.

Aerial View of Cape Town, South Africa
Aerial View of Cape Town, South Africa

With industry confidence of an African tourism recovery in 2015, now is an excellent time to take advantage of prices pushed down by unfounded fears.

A perfect example is Goway’s Tunisia Explorer, a 10-day trip starting at $767. What a perfect, economical way to escape the North American winter!

For more Tunisia offers see Goway’s Tunisia.

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