Tangalooma and Its New Bundle of Joy!

A stay at Tangalooma Island Resort offers the tranquility of a beach getaway, a glimpse into Queensland’s history, a chance to meet the wildlife of Moreton Bay, and so much more… all amidst the comfort and convenience of a modern island resort just 40 minutes from Brisbane, Australia.

Tangalooma’s greatest claim to fame, however, is its nightly dolphin feeding, where guests have the opportunity to feed these beautiful creatures by hand.

Up to ten wild dolphins visit the shallow waters of Tangalooma’s beach each sunset, and feeding is strictly monitored to minimize human impact on the animals’ natural behaviour.

Silhouette with her baby calf
Silhouette with her baby calf

Silhouette, one of Tangalooma’s famous wild dolphins (who was already a one-time mum, tragically losing her first baby a year prior) appeared in rough waters late November, and surprised thrilled resort staff and guests when she appeared with a brand new day-old calf in tow.

The new dolphin calf is the first fourth generation dolphin to be introduced to the Tangalooma wild dolphin family. Silhouette was born in 2004 to Shadow, who was the offspring of Beauty – the original Tangalooma dolphin that started the resort’s successful wild dolphin provisional feeding program in 1992.

A Tangalooma ranger quotes “This calf comes from wonderful ancestry and is showing all the signs of being a little fighter, the north-westerlies were blowing hard at the end of last week and the water was very choppy. The baby needed all its strength to swim through those rough seas and keep up with its mother – it certainly would have been a hard start to life.”

With a range of dining options and over 40 free activities to fill in your spare time, including a very memorable interaction with one the most friendliest mammals on earth, Tangalooma Island Resort makes a wonderful extension when visiting Brisbane.

Feeding time!
Feeding time!

Goway offers two different travel ideas to Tangalooma:

  • Tangalooma Dolphins (3 days/2 nights): Includes transfers, accommodation, breakfast, and wild dolphin hand feeding
  • Dolphin Adventure full day tour (12 hours): Includes your choice of free activities and wild dolphin hand feeding.
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Meg Boyd
Meg Boyd

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