Christian Baines - Tasmanian Devils, Tasmania, Australia

Have a “Devilish” Good Time with the Outsiders of the Tasman Peninsula, on Your Australia Vacation

From convicts to a growing population of Tasmanian devils, enter the land of outsiders on an Australia vacation. When European explorers first heard the chilling screams and snarls of the Tasmanian Devil in the island’s forests at night, they first thought such sounds could only come from some supernatural evil, lurking in the dark. When […]

Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Revealing Tasmania’s Best National Parks on a Trip to Australia

Being Australia’s smallest state is both Tasmania’s blessing and its curse. Many travellers simply bypass the Apple Isle, thinking it’s too far “out of the way,” or simply better saved for its own vacation rather than as part of a longer trip to Australia. Yet this compact size also makes “Tassie” particularly tempting for travellers […]

Aerial View of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Explore Historical Hobart, Australia’s Second Oldest City

Looking for exceptional scenery, fascinating history, cultural pursuits, fine dining, and good beaches on your Australia vacation? Look no further, Hobart offers all this and more! Situated in the south, on the island of Tasmania, this capital city and has an incredible waterfront location. With its long and interesting history, Hobart, Australia’s second oldest established […]