Russian Borscht in White Bowl with Dill and Bread Slices

RECIPE: Russian Borscht

Borscht is one of those dishes that has many variations. Originating in the Ukraine, this sour soup is also served in neighbouring Eastern European countries like Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, and Latvia, to name a few. The most common variation includes beetroot as its main ingredient. Borsch can be served hot or cold, thin or […]

Olive Bread (Cakes Aux Olives)

Olive Bread (Cakes Aux Olives)

Olive Bread, known as Cakes Aux Olives in French, is an appetizer served all around France. This savoury quick bread is one of many different options offered that include vegetables and/or meat in a traditional “cakes” recipe. Get creative with different taste combinations! While some of the ingredients in the Cakes Aux Olives can be […]

Oaxacan Stuffing

RECIPE: Oaxacan Stuffing

Add a twist to your regular stuffing this holiday season! This stuffing recipe hails from Oaxaca, Mexico. Its sweet and spicy flavours make it the perfect accompaniment to your turkey (or chicken) dinner! Makes 12-16 servings. Ingredients: 12 oz. whole wheat bread, cut into half inch cubes (about 7 cups) 14 tbsp unsalted butter 2 […]