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Visiting Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is a recommendation to recharge and relax before or after your flight. True or False?

Patagonia is impossibly gorgeous. Which two countries in South America does it straddle?

Which one of the following won’t find the Algarve, Portugal an ideal long stay getaway in winter:

Moorish, Christian, and Jewish influences in the Costa Del Sol in the Andalusia region of Spain enhance a winter snowbird escape. True or False?

Malta, a bucket list destination for Globetrotters and snowbirds, is located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. True or false?

Budapest, one of Europe’s must sees, is divided into two distinct areas, Buda and Pest. True or False?

In which of the following cities will you find the largest medieval town square?

Which of these cities in Europe was untouched by World War II bombings?

This European city unseated Melbourne, Australia in CNN’s 2018 edition of “World’s most liveable cities.”

How many islands make up the Cook Islands?

In what town in South Australia is it advisable to stay in an underground hotel?

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