Cook Islands

Now this is how you make an airline safety video!

We’ve all been there – on a plane, forced to pay attention to an airline safety run-through. Well, imagine a safety video which not only features swim-suit models, but a tropical pacific island!

Kiwi’s have a great sense of humour, and Air New Zealand is no exception. They have produced some very entertaining ad’s involving celebrities, hobbits, wizards, grannies and rugby players but they have now turned to airline safety! Partnering with Sports Illustrated, they are featuring some of the most famous swim-suit models in a tongue-in-cheek airline safety video, shown below, entitled ‘Safety in Paradise’. It’s filmed in the Cook Islands, a major destination for Air New Zealand, and the truth behind the message is that the tiny country is a major airline across the Pacific. Sports Illustrated is a widely recognized magazine with millions of readers around the world, is also featuring print ads for the airline, and would be a great platform for Air New Zealand to show how they really are a global carrier.

But in this day and age of high levels of airport security, safety and concern we find this all very refreshing!

To learn more about the models in the video, here’s a link to the Air NZ press release

And here is a preview of the safety video which is being rolled out across their various flights

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