Make Peru’s Inti Raymi Festival Part of Your Holiday of a Lifetime!

A core aspect to any Holidays of a Lifetime®  is being able to enable Globetrotters the chance to not only see special sights in their respective countries, but also to immerse and even partake in some of those country’s events.

For Cradle of the Incas, one of South America’s Holidays of a Lifetime®, there is one very famous event featured as part of the itinerary. It is the Incan ceremony of Inti Raymi, held every year in Cusco, Peru.

Before the colonial Spaniards banned indigenous ceremonial events, the native residents, more commonly referred to as Incas, gathered to honour the Sun God, sacrifice an animal to ensure good crops, and pay homage to the Inca – their king, as the first born Son of the Sun.

Inti Raymi 2 Cusco, Peru

The Inti Raymi Festival was the largest and most sacred of all Incan ceremonies.

The ceremonies took place at the winter solstice, when the sun is farthest from the earth. Fearing the lack of sun and possible ensuing famine, the ancient Incas gathered in Cusco, at the archaeological complex of Sacsayhuaman, to honor the Sun God and plead for his return.

Inti Raymi comes from the Quechua language, which is still widely in use today despite colonial Spain’s attempt to wipe it out. Inti Raymi means “resurrection of the sun”. The Inca emperor, Sapa Inca, was worshipped as a god and was a descendant from the sun god, Apu Inti. The King was the living representative of Inti on earth.

Cusco, Peru
Cusco, Peru

Today the ritual is recreated annually in Cusco at the same archaeological complex, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. A rich and colourful tapestry of ancient rituals, it is a chance for the traveller to truly grasp the immensity and complexity of the ancient Incan culture outside of visits to ruins, now long in decay. The celebrations are the second largest in South America, after Rio’s Carnaval.

Inti Raymi falls on June 24 of each year, seeing Cusco bulge and come close to bursting at the seams as everyone – gringo and local alike, crowd into the city to be part of one of the world’s most unique and oldest festivals.

Each year, Goway secures hotel space as well as prime seating to ensure our Holidays of a Lifetime® guests receive the best viewing and most memorable experiences of what is an ancient, sacred, and truly amazing spectacle.

This is just one more reason why our Cradle of the Incas itinerary lives up to the Holidays of a Lifetime® claim of a “promise of something special”.

Machu Picchu

The Cradle of the Incas offers several departures, so if you happen to miss the Inti Raymi Festival, you still get to enjoy an extensive Peruvian experience, including Lima, the incredible Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca, and so much more!

Offering first class or deluxe accommodation, unique dining experiences, unforgettable tour highlights, and the comfort of a professional escorted guide, Cradle of the Incas promises to be a true Holiday of a Lifetime!

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