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Make 2019 Your Year for a Goway Cruise Vacation

We’ve heard every bad cliché when it comes to cruises. If you think it’s all about mandatory activities, strict, scheduled dining with strangers in allocated spots, rushing through touristy ports to “see the sights” before your boat departs, or playing bingo for hours on end while you sail down Europe’s rivers, it’s time to broaden your cruise horizons and get acquainted with a Goway cruise vacation!

A great cruise vacation is not just about ticking various ports off your list, or even just the onboard experience – though of course it helps that we’ve partnered with some of the world’s most luxurious vessels to create our Goway cruise itineraries. Goway cruise itineraries are designed with the same devotion to great Globetrotting that defines our land-based itineraries. More than just a floating hotel, a Goway cruise is a way to experience your destination from the water.

From visiting local communities in Southeast Asia, to exploring the Galapagos on a small vessel with expert guides, there’s a Goway cruise vacation itinerary to unlock a new corner of your world in 2019.

Sail down a dragon’s tail on Asia’s great rivers

Asia’s rivers have helped sustain its civilizations for centuries, and these life giving waterways continue to offer a glimpse of daily life for any Globetrotter willing to make the trip. Sail the abundant Mekong through Cambodia and Laos, visiting the communities far from popular towns like Siem Reap (though you might want to double back to visit those too). A cruise on the Irrawaddy offers a new perspective on still-emerging Myanmar, offering a Southeast Asia you won’t find in its eastern neighbours. Further north, China’s Yangtze River holds the distinction of being Asia’s longest, offering spectacular scenery through the country’s most magnificent gorges.

Yangtze River Cruise Scenery and Mountains, China
Yantze River cruise scenery

River barges, enchanting islands, and windswept northern beauty

Europe’s rivers are the stuff of legend, from the Danube, to the Rhine, to the Seine. There’s no better way to see them than on a small vessel with plenty of shore time. Visit surrounding villages and explore the countryside, returning each night to delicious meals and entertainment inspired by local tradition. A cruise is also ideal if you’re keen on a Mediterranean vacation, but can’t narrow your choice to one destination. Hop your way through the Greek Islands, sail along the sparkling Dalmatian Coast, or between major cities such as Barcelona, Rome, and Venice. At the other end of the continent, a Baltic cruise allows you to do the same trick with Scandinavia’s enchanting capitals, along with majestic St. Petersburg. If a little taste of Russia isn’t enough, embark on a river cruise between its two greatest cities, St. Petersburg and Moscow. A cruise also offers an easy, low-impact way to reach the spectacular sights of Iceland, including the remote northern and eastern coastlines.

Uglich Kremlin complex in the historic centre located on the right bank of the Volga River, Uglich, Russia
Uglich Kremlin complex in the historic centre located on the right bank of the Volga River, Uglich, Russia

Nature’s treasures and the river that supported an empire

Of all the world’s rivers, perhaps none has had a greater impact on history, culture, and civilization than the Nile, the river that links Africa to the Mediterranean. Egypt of course forged a mighty empire from the river’s riches, and it continues to be integral to the nation’s prosperity today. A Nile cruise is by far the most enjoyable and luxurious way to see the ancient wonders of Upper Egypt. At the other end of Africa, the Zambezi flows through the waterways of Botswana, sustaining an astonishing array of animal and birdlife. Botswana takes an African safari to the next level, with protected regions such as the Okavango Delta. A cruise aboard a small vessel allows you to see its wonders up close, while minimizing your environmental impact.

Nile River at Aswan, Egypt
Nile River at Aswan, Egypt

Island (and city) hopping in the South Pacific

Choosing a destination to visit in the South Pacific can be difficult, thanks to the logistics of “island hopping” in many of the world’s idyllic island destinations. It might be Hawaii, the Islands of Tahiti, Fiji, or even a classic cruise between the fabulous lands Downunder, Australia and New Zealand. Cruise itineraries allow you to experience each island on its own terms, and reach some of the more remote islands, taking you to see parts of the country not typically visited by tourists. A cruise vacation can also be tremendously beneficial to budget-conscious travellers, circumventing accommodation costs at some of the more exclusive islands.

Enjoy friendly service, such as what you'll find on a Blue Lagoon cruise in Fiji
Enjoy friendly service, such as what you’ll find on a Blue Lagoon cruise in Fiji

Down the Murray River, or around the lands Downunder

Surrounded by sea, both Australia and New Zealand offer a wide variety of excellent cruising options. It helps that most of the major cities in both countries are located on the coast. Cast off from Sydney and explore Melbourne, Hobart, Auckland, Wellington, and more, depending on your itinerary, with all the facilities of a world class ship at your disposal. For a more intimate cruising experience, set out from Cairns, bound for the Great Barrier Reef, or from Airlie Beach, gateway to Australia’s ultimate sailing destination, the Whitsundays. You can even head inland with a cruise up the famous Murray River, or through the remote and wild waterways of the Kimberley region.

Sun setting over the Murray River, Australia
Sun setting over the Murray River, Australia

The Amazon, evolution’s laboratory, and the peaks of Patagonia

The word “diverse” is just the beginning when you describe South America, and its options for a cruise vacation are no exception. A Galapagos cruise is the immediate choice for nature lovers, where endemic species thrive relatively unhindered by human development, creating a tapestry of biodiversity unlike anywhere else on earth. The Amazon is another worthy contender. From the eye-catching Meeting of the Waters to the astonishing array of creatures that call the rainforest home, a cruise through the world’s largest green lung is another must for nature-lovers. A very different, yet no less spectacular immersion in nature awaits in Patagonia, along Chile’s rugged coast. Round Cape Horn and wave to Antarctica before exploring the fjords and glaciers of the magnificent Andes.

Amazon River and Jungle, South America
Amazon River and jungle

Pole to Pole: The ultimate cruise adventure

It’s easy to fall in love with cruise vacations and make them a habit, but a journey to Antarctica is one that stays with you forever. Casting off from Ushuaia, Argentina’s “foot of the world,” passengers can explore the Falkland Islands, see the wildlife of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica’s outer peninsulas, and bask in the frozen beauty of the world’s only uninhabitable continent. For the ultimate Antarctic voyage, cross the Ross Sea to New Zealand, joining an even more elite group of polar Globetrotters in the process. None of this is to forget the northern end of the planet, the Arctic, where you can take a polar bear safari around Spitsbergen, sail the legendary Northwest Passage, or set out for the North Pole itself.

Polar bear mother and twin cubs in the Arctic
Polar bear mother and twin cubs in the Arctic
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