The majestic White Rhino, Kenya

Jackie Chan joins the fight to save the Rhino

The world Rhino population has fallen by more than 90% in the past 30 years and Rhino poaching in South Africa has reached epidemic proportions. This is as a result of the dramatic increase in demand for Rhino horn in Asia for medicinal and cultural reasons. This cause is one that is very important to Goway, where we donate 20$ to the Wildlands Conservation Trust for every lodge booked which is in our brochures.

In the following video it’s gratifying to see a new campaign by WildAid that has been launched featuring Jackie Chan which is going to be rolled out in China and Vietnam, the worlds two biggest importers of rhino horn. This follows on a widely respected 2012

WildAid campaign with NBA star and Chinese celebrity Yao Ming, David Beckham and Prince William, with the powerful but haunting catchphrase: “When the buying stops, the killing can too”. But it was Yao Ming, and now Jackie Chan who are integral to this process as their international fame abroad is only overshadowed by their own fame at home. It’s much easier to throw money towards trying to protect these beautiful creatures in Africa, but without the breakdown in demandabroad, prices continue to rise for the previous ivory.

For a more detailed account of Jackie Chan’s campaign, please see our friends at African Geographic.

Below is the Yao Ming ‘The End of the Wild’ ad, but please be aware that this ad differs from Jackie’s in its graphic nature, and is in fact heart-renching.

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