Immerse Yourself in the Lives of Happy Elephants, Thailand

While there’s a pretty good chance any traveller to Thailand will ‘see’ an elephant, few really get to know them. Sadly, mass tourism and greed have seen some mistreated elephants presented to tourists in the noisy urban core of Bangkok, and taking one look at these creatures, you’ll know they aren’t very happy. But Thailand has had a co-history with Elephants for centuries, and to most Thai’s, Elephants are cherished and highly respected animals. So we’re happy to tell you about, and honestly we cannot say enough good things about Elephant Hills Beach & Rainforest Lodge.

A guest room at Elephant Hills Camp
A guest room at Elephant Hills Camp

Here is where you’ll meet ‘happy’ elephants, within a luxury jungle camp which claims to offer “glamping” in the tropical rainforest of Khao Sok National Park in Thailand.  Not that long ago, illegal logging was rampant in parts of S.E. Asia, and Elephants were used heavily in this industry (It’s since been drastically reduced). Now, Elephants are the ultimate way to move about this beautiful forest, and these elephants have learned that the humans around them aren’t interested in moving logs, but exploring the forest, crossing rivers, feeding and bathing them, taking photos and playing with the youngest of the herd.

Young Haha
Young Haha

On that note, let us introduce Haha, the camp’s newest addition, born February 12th 2012.  While the smallest, she’s actually very strong and she’ll probably win any game of tug-of-war. It’s incredible to watch both the elephant handlers and the adult elephants both pamper the newest addition to the herd, here Haha is looked after.

Elephant Hills Thailand ASIA7

This is one operation we absolutely love working with, and have created a fantastic trip for animal lovers called the Elephant Hill’s Beach & Rainforest Nature Safari. A luxurious “safari style” tent provides all the comforts you would find in a hotel room; twin beds, a fan, bathroom and hot shower. As far as views go, it’s INCREDIBLE here, and you’ll wake up to the beautiful surroundings of Khao Sok’s incredible limestone karst formations which soar above the canopy, the fascinating (and frequent) sounds of the forest, and at night a large campfire serves as the official hangout where you’ll meet a few other guests and share travel tales and elephant experiences. There’s no ‘type’ of traveller which Elephant Hill’s attracts, here you’ll find a mix of all types, from families to solo travellers, from honeymooners to best friends – travellers here are united around a curious desire to meet and know Elephants!

If you’re travelling to Thailand, and want to experience one of Thailand’s spectacular National Parks and meet only happy Elephants, help us support Elephant Hills!

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