Couple and Captain Cook Cruise, Fiji

Your Guide to a Fiji Cruise in the South Pacific

Fiji is one of the most beautiful locations in the South Pacific. Made up of 332 captivating islands, Fiji offers decadent scenery with sandy beaches, translucent waters, multi-coloured coral reefs, fruit and coconut plantations, volcanic mountains, and over 100 uninhabited islands – all waiting to be explored. As most of the island’s attractions are separated by water, Fiji is the perfect destination to be explored on a cruise where you can discover the best of both worlds with both land and water based activities. Hop off onto warm sand to suntan on a completely private island, explore the museums and attractions of the larger Fijian islands, and swim and snorkel with sharks and manta rays. Get to the heart of the South Pacific on a Fiji cruise. With a tropical year-round climate, it’s an idyllic cruise destination in any season.

Enjoy drinks on the beach with Blue Lagoon Cruises, Fiji
Enjoy drinks on the beach with Blue Lagoon Cruises

There are plenty of cruise itineraries available for exploring Fiji, but if you’re looking for an authentic Fiji experience, we recommend these renowned 4-star cruises:

Blue Lagoon Cruises
The Blue Lagoon offers three exciting cruise itineraries through the beautiful Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands, which is known for their luscious papaya and mango plantations. The cruises run over the course of three or four nights, or you have the option of combining the two with a seven night itinerary. These cruises are mainly adults-only, but there are a few departures available for families. You will only spend a maximum of 4 hours per day cruising, which means you will have plenty of time to explore attractions off-board. Highlights of these cruises include a stop at a private island where you can swim, suntan, and snorkel away in your own little slice of paradise. Fiji’s Blue Lagoon cruises have been running for over 50 years, and they’ve perfected the ultimate Fijian itinerary. Their staff is also 100% Fijian – offering one of the friendliest cruises in the world.

Suggested Itineraries:
8-Day Blue Lagoon: Escape to Paradise Cruise
4-Day Blue Lagoon: Explorer Cruise
5-Day Blue Lagoon: Wanderer Cruise

Blue Lagoon Cruise Aerial View, Fiji
Aerial view of a Blue Lagoon cruise vessel

Captain Cook Cruises
Captain Cook offers a variety of cruise itineraries, including day cruises, dinner cruises, and three, four, seven, or eleven night cruises. There is even the option of staying overnight at resplendent Tivua Island. Captain Cook cruises are all family friendly and offer tailored packages to suit both young and old. Captain Cook was voted “Best Cruise Line” by the Fiji Visitors Bureau, and “Best Fiji Experience” by the Fiji Tourism Awards. They also have four vessels departing weekly throughout Fiji with a wide variety of itineraries, from the renowned Yawasa Islands to the quieter islands of northern Fiji.

Suggested Itineraries:
8-Day Captain Cook: Four Cultures Discovery Cruise
8-Day Captain Cook: Northern Fiji Colonial Club
5-Day Captain Cook: Northern Yasawa Island Cruise
4-Day Captain Cook: Southern Yasawa Island Cruise
8-Day Captain Cook: Yasawa Island Cruise

Captain Cook Cruise Vessel Aerial View, Fiji
Aerial view of Captain Cook cruise vessel

World Class Resorts
Want to stay longer in Fiji? Extend your trip before or after your Fiji cruise and stay in one of the archipelago’s world-class resorts. With hundreds of islands, there is a resort atmosphere and budget to suit every need. Stay in beachfront bures (Fijian huts), explore the impressive architecture and culture of Suva, visit the Garden of the Sleeping Giant at Denarau Island, or explore the sugar mill in Lautoka. Discover the marine reserve at Treasure Island, soak in the hot springs of Savusavu Bay, or spend time trawling the markets for South Pacific black pearls. The 80km beachfront of the Coral Coast offers a plethora of barrier reefs for snorkelling, along with excellent resorts. If you’re looking to escape it all, Castaway Island offers some much-needed solitude and silence.

Koro Sun Resort - Edgewater Floating Bure Exterior, Fiji
Floating Edgewater bure at Koro Sun Resort

Friendly People
The people of Fiji are what make visiting this collection of islands such a memorable and rewarding experience. They are a close knit community where everyone is equal, making Fiji undoubtedly one of the friendliest places on earth. Wherever you go, you can enjoy world class service, friendly conversations, and maybe even leave the islands with friends for life.

Markets, Museum and More
There are plenty of land-based activities to look forward to on your Fiji cruise. Spend your days exploring the markets, museums, and cultural attractions of the larger islands or relaxing on the beaches of the uninhabited islands. Enjoy visits to local schools and villages, savour traditional Fijian cuisine, and meet the friendly locals.

Fiji Village Visit
Fiji village visit

South Pacific Waters
There is much to be enjoyed both above and below the surface of the South Pacific. Spend your time swimming in the crystal-clear water, diving with sharks or manta rays, snorkelling to see the abundance of vibrant tropical fish, or enjoying glass-bottomed boat trips to view magnificent whales. Here in palm-fringed paradise, the world is your oyster.

Exotic Marine Life in Fiji
Fiji’s exotic marine life

With so much to see and do both off-shore and on land, there is no better way to explore Fiji than with an exciting multi-day cruise.

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