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The World of Group Travel and How You Can Enjoy Being Part of One

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Travelling with a group comes in many forms. Here is a synopsis of how you can become involved and benefit from a group travel experience. 

How many participants constitute a Group?

There is no specific answer to this question but usually, a group consists of a minimum of 10/15 participants. I have, in the past, been involved with groups of as many as 300. Obviously, the per person cost is influenced by the number but then again, it depends on what is included.

The Unique Attractions of Group Travel

When planning arrangements for a group, Goway’s group travel planners will always consider how to make them more attractive and more interesting than travelling on an individual basis. With numbers, it is possible to add more exciting and varied activities and experiences. Our negotiating power allows us to introduce unique and unforgettable events and places that will make your individual travelling friends envious. All this would be to your specifications and interests as the group arrangements would be totally CUSTOMIZED.

Escorted Tours

This is where you sign up to be part of a group and enjoy a mainly all-inclusive travel arrangement, preplanned and reserved. You just pack your bags. Goway Travel (plug here) offers escorted tours to most of the destinations they cover. One key element to a tour’s success is the selection of tour directors. Goway, for example, selects tour directors who are experienced, personable and people-oriented. They are on hand to make sure their group has an enjoyable, problem-free vacation. They also are responsible for making sure all members of the tour group get to know each other and be part of the “family”.  This type of travel is ideal for single travellers.

Special Interest Tours 

I believe this term states exactly what is involved. Perhaps “specific interest” also applies. This type of  group will have been formed to attract participants who have a common interest in any subject under the sun. Could be food, wine, photography, horticulture, birding, stamp collecting etc. I have happy memories of being in charge of a special interest group many years ago. This involved a group of Landladies from the UK. (A Landlady is an owner or someone who has involvement with that typical British institution, The Pub). They flew on a charter flight from the UK to Amsterdam just for the day. Why to Amsterdam, you might ask. I had no idea. Shopping perhaps?   Just for fun, I asked the stewardesses on board if I, as the only male in the group, could serve them their meal tray. This was amusingly appreciated by the ladies. Perhaps, they still talk about it. But I digress. These special groups are formed by organizations, associations, clubs etc. and could be a”closed” group or you might find the trip advertised in an appropriate magazine. This can also include religious groups organized by a religious institution. Every special interest group’s needs are planned on a concept that makes sense and suits the group and all arrangements are customized accordingly.

A female traveler photographing temples at Bagan Myanmar Asia at sunrise as part of a group tour.
Special interest groups, such as a photography tour, are great ways to travel.

Other groups which I find harder to categorize, although perhaps Special Interest groups  still applies, are school, youth and student groups arranged by a specific organization. You can add to this category, orchestral, band, choral and sports groups.

Travel to Conferences or Conventions 

This is probably self-explanatory but the key here is that you can be anywhere in the world and simply sign up for a particular event knowing all arrangements are in place. Again, this is for something with a specific purpose such as a medical or scientific conference, a business conference and so on.   Sometimes, travelling to one of these can be tax deductible.

Special Events

This item covers a multitude of reasons to travel but the underlying common interest is to join a group to attend a specific event. For example, it could be an International sporting event, an overseas Lion’s Club meeting etc. I personally joined a group as a participant to travel to the World Masters’ Games in Australia and took advantage of the special programmes available.

Getting Married Abroad 

What could be more romantic than getting married out of the country at some exotic destination and then inviting your relatives and friends to join you.  All arrangements can be set up in advance by our group travel planners, not only accommodation but the wedding and the reception. Oh, and yes, an officially ordained person to legally marry you.  I was delighted once to observe a beautiful and charming wedding ceremony being conducted on the beach in Bali with many smiling faces besides the happy couple.

Celebrating Family on Wedding Day - Group Travel
Get married in an exotic location with family and friends

You could also add to this category, Family Reunions. No bells and bows, though.

Incentive Travel Groups

This is a highly specialized form of travel. In essence, it is a trip organized by a company or organization either as a reward programme or a loyalty programme with usually motivational business targets set for employees, agents, associates to be able to earn an all-expense paid trip together with other successful participants.  It has been established that Incentive Travel groups provide a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee/agent.  When  the winners return home, they both tell their colleagues about the trip which encourages the others to try harder next time and they also look forward to being a winner again themselves. An Incentive trip needs to be expertly and minutely planned as there is no room for any disaster occurring which could mar the enjoyment of the rewardee. If you are considering this type of travel, be certain the company with whom you work is an expert in this field. Often, the trip includes special meals and events and special sightseeing which make the trip even more memorable. The size of this type of group can be both large and small.

Company Meetings 

What could be more productive than a company or organizational meeting “out of the office”. It provides stimulus and clear heads with no interruptions plus it brings participants together to get to know each other better.  The destination could be at some local resort or more exciting, out of the country.

Group travel can help you have your company meeting way from the office
Arrange to have your company meeting away from the office

So is a group just a group of participants travelling together? Having read this article, you now know it is not the case.  Goway Travel has handled all these types of group travel over the years and hires group specialists who know their stuff.   You will be in good hands if you select Goway Travel and one of our group travel planners to be your group organizer.

For more information on group travel with Goway, or to speak with one of our group travel planners, please visit: https://www.goway.com/groups/groupsonly-by-goway/our-groups-division/

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Robert Glazier
Robert Glazier

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