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Goway’s Top 23 Destinations for 2023

We share the world because we love travel. To help you explore the world next year, we’ve put together a list of the top 23 destinations for 2023. Chosen by our experts and drawing on the latest news and trends in the world of travel, this list offers destinations to stun you and inspiration to help you make unforgettable travel memories in 2023.

1. Australia

Sydney, Opera House during daytime

The land downunder has come roaring back to the forefront of the travel world. Restrictions have been lifted just in time for the spring and summer months, when Australian wonders from Sydney to Uluru to the Great Barrier Reef are at their most beautiful. Sydney is also hosting WorldPride in 2023, arguably the biggest party of the year, so there’s never been a better time to visit.

2. Thailand

four wooden boat on teal sea

Your ultimate destination for relaxation and renewal. The past few years have offered a respite for the gorgeous islands of the south, allowing the landscape and marine life to regenerate. Now, Thailand is more beautiful than ever. Discover the food and fellowship of the cities before you relax at a wellness resort suited to your budget. Starting December 1, 2022, jump on Air Canada’s brand new flight from Vancouver to Bangkok and enjoy the only non-stop connection from North America.

3. New Zealand

body of water near mountain under blue sky during daytime

If you’re seeking beauty, comfort, renewal, and a touch of adventure for the adrenaline junkie in you, you’ll find it in New Zealand. The land invites you to discover its emerald fjords, its sweeping mountainsides, its friendly people, and laidback lifestyle. Follow your heart and experience nature at its most majestic.

4. Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

The most popular destination in Europe is only growing more popular. 2022 saw a 20 percent increase over 2019, so book ahead to beat the crowds and secure your spot for 2023. When you’re sipping wine watching the sunset over the Amalfi Coast or relaxing in a hot spring on the island of Ischia, you’ll be glad you did. Italian class never grows old.

5. Greece

white and brown concrete houses on mountain near sea during daytime

Spending a day in Greece can feel like you’re travelling through time. In the morning, you’re touring magnificent ruins from over 2,000 years ago, in the afternoon you’re relaxing on a pristine beach, and in the evening, you’re enjoying some of the best food on the Mediterranean in a state-of-the-art restaurant. It’s a one-size-fits all travel wonderland.

6. The Islands of Tahiti

gray metal railing and huts near body of water

Long renowned as the world’s premiere honeymoon destinations, The Islands of Tahiti have only become more appealing after the isolation and stress of the pandemic. Whether you’re looking for romance or a quiet place to unwind, you’ll find it (along with an unbeatable overwater bungalow) in French Polynesia. Just be sure to book early, planning at least six months in advance to secure your spot in paradise.

7. Ireland

view photography of gray castle on island

With charming history, enchanted castles and forests, and refreshing green as far as the eye can see, Ireland is as appealing a destination as you’ll find in Europe, especially when you consider it’s an easy six-hour flight from the Northeast. Perhaps best of all, you’ll enjoy great value for your dolar. Sláinte to that!

8. The Maldives

island photography

Elegant and exclusive, the private island resorts of the Maldives offer an otherworldly setting for luxury vacations. The islands are more accessible than ever with added air routes for 2023, making it easy to connect to your own slice of paradise (and your own overwater bungalow).

9. England

people near Big Ben in London

It’s hard to top a trip to London, arguably the most diverse and cosmopolitan city in the world, where you can fill your days with trips to museums and castles, your nights with musicals and fun at the pub. But beyond the city, captivating nature awaits, from the charming Cotswolds to the breathtaking Lake District. Add in Stonehenge and Bath and there’s no reason not to hop over the pond in 2023 and see England for yourself.

10. Egypt

person walking near The Great Sphinx

The pyramids are perhaps the greatest historical wonders in the world—and everyone and their mother knows it! So start planning for 2023 and secure your spot in the land of the pharaohs. The Grand Egyptian Museum is expected to open for 2023, so book your ticket to be one of the first to explore its massive collection of ancient treasures. That is, after exploring Cairo, touring the pyramids, and cruising the Nile River, of course.

11. Portugal

train passing in between buildings

Arguably the most relaxing destination in Europe, Portugal is your ideal home-away-from-home, a place to escape the North American winter and enjoy the dramatic beaches of the south, where history and great food are always a short ways away. In addition to boasting the Algarve, Lisbon, Porto, and the Douro Valley, Portugal remains a great value destination. Non-stop flights between New York and the tropical island of Madeira (a Portuguese territory) starting in November only make it more of a no-brainer to visit.

12. Peru

mountain with clouds

How do you spell history? M-A-C-H-U-P-I-C-C-H-U. There’s no historical wonder like it, a mountaintop citadel that will literally take your breath away (and we don’t mean from the altitude). Beyond the Inca citadel lies the startling nature of the Amazon, the Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca, and some of the world’s best restaurants in Lima. Skip out on jetlag and head south to discover unmatched treasures in 2023.

13. South Africa

photography of buildings beside seashore and mountain during daytime

The world in a country, a place where you can experience cultural diversity at its most welcoming and nature at its most astounding. Make 2023 the year to see the colours of Cape Town, sip on local vintages along the Garden Route, and search for leopards and cheetahs in Kruger. Take advantage of great rates for 2023, but do it quickly, as space is filling up fast.

14. France

gray landmark building

France has lost none of its romantic appeal over the years. Paris still rewards culture mavens  and honeymooners, while the historic treasures of Normandy and the relaxing idylls of Provence offer travellers an appealing incentive to go further afield. Book in advance to guarantee your spot, whether on a private tour of the Louvre or a stay in a coastal villa on the French Riviera.

15. Fiji

bird's-eye view of island

A fun, friendly getaway in the South Pacific, with pampering accommodations on the beaches and glorious underwater worlds to explore. Take advantage of a new air route connecting Vancouver to Nadi on a direct flight and great deals on accommodations and tours. Make 2023 the year to experience Fiji’s unmatched hospitality for yourself.

16. Bali (Indonesia)

three person riding bikes on green grass field

If you thought Bali was only a beach destination, think again. The Island of Gods is a place to hike volcanoes, feast on fresh cuisine, and cycle through magical rice terraces. It’s a place that rewards anyone seeking an active, refreshing stay amidst natural wonder. And don’t forget about the rest of Indonesia, where the world’s largest temples and largest lizards guarantee an unforgettable adventure.

17. Kenya

pride of lion on field

A natural wonderland and home to some of the finest game parks on the planet, including the legendary Masai Mara, the only place on earth to see elephants, lions, and cheetahs in the same abundance as in decades past. Kenya remains a world favourite for nature lovers and justifiably popular. Take advantage of great value vacations during the shoulder and low seasons for 2023.

18. Tanzania

herd of elephants on green grass field during daytime

There’s never been a better time to visit Tanzania and enjoy top-notch game viewing in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater before escaping to the coastline for an ideal beach getaway on the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba, or Mafia. You get great value for your money and the opportunity to have the natural experience of a lifetime.

19. Türkiye

man taking photo of hot air balloons

Equipped with a new spelling for its name and a new optimism, Türkiye emerges from the pandemic as one of the most innovative and appealing cultural destinations in the world. It’s the country that straddles two continents, where you can explore the stunning markets, palaces, and mosques of Istanbul, but it’s also home to biblical treasures, gorgeous beaches, and lunar landscapes that invite you to experience the full breadth of what travel can be.

20. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

aerial photo of city highway surrounded by high-rise buildings

Whether as a standalone city escape or a stopover en route to somewhere else, Dubai remains an A-list destination, captivating travellers with its otherworldly spires, historic markets, and new restaurants and attractions around every corner. It’s a place to marvel at engineering wonders before experiencing the best shopping and food in the region. In Dubai, nothing feels impossible.

21. Japan

person walking on street while holding umbrella

Japan has reopened its borders just in time to make 2023 a great welcome back party for the coolest place in Asia. Make 2023 the year to experience its beautiful contrasts, its blend of ancient temples and futuristic arcades, its deep respect for nature and its passionate commitment to community. You’ll take advantage of the new hotels and infrastructure built for the 2020 Olympics, so the travel experience will be better than ever.

22. Costa Rica

black yellow and red bird on brown tree branch

Pura Vida means “pure life.” It’s the national slogan of Costa Rica and something you’ll understand intimately if you visit the Central American nation in 2023. This is a place to bask in the glory of nature, where sloths and toucans and macaws are your constant companions in stunning rainforests, and adventure by zipline, hanging bridge, or river rapids is always a short ways away. It’s family friendly, safe, and easy to get to. It’s time to experience Pura Vida for yourself.

23. Iceland

man standing on the edge of a cliff

The Land of Fire and Ice is ready to welcome you to a world of thermal lagoons, exploding geysers, raging waterfalls, and enchanting glaciers in 2023. Iceland is where you can rediscover the power and majesty of nature and bask in the unmatched vibes of the most walkable capital in Europe. Hit the open road to experience a new natural wonder around every curve in the highway. It’ll take your breath away. The only thing you need to make it all happen is a reservation, so don’t delay.

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