Taiwan stewed pork and rice

Goway Offers Tasty Taiwan – See what’s cooking!

The island nation of Taiwan is filled with natural beauty, impressive scenery, a vibrant culture… and also delicious cuisine. We feel that one of the best ways to discover a country is through its food. Taiwan’s diverse cuisine has influences from Mainland China, such as Sichuan, Canton and Fujian provinces, as well as Japan and Mongolia.

See what’s cooking with Goway’s new Taste of Taiwan travel idea. This package shows off Taiwan’s emerging culinary side, along with the main attractions of Taipei, Sun Moon Lake and Kaohsiung city. Travel with a private guide and come back with great memories, unique tasting experiences, and a full belly! Discover local specialties like delicious stewed beef noodles, Oyster omelets topped with sweet red sauce, tropical citrus fruits and sweet stuffed pastries.

Taiwan sun moon lake 146827886
Overlooking Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan
  • Learn how to make clay pot chicken or Xiao Long Bao at a cooking class
  • See Taipei’s National Palace Museum which houses more than 620,000 art objects
  • Visit Taipei’s Wuzhou Hwashi Night Market – a chance to try Xiao Chi (“little eats” or snacks)
  • Visit Sun Moon Lake, the largest body of water in Taiwan & taste the Local Tea Egg
  • See the sacred Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery
  • Have lunch at delicious Silk Palace Restaurant
  • Ride on a high speed bullet train

More information about Taiwan can be found HERE , or checkout our Taste of Taiwan trip!


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