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Name Australia’s sunniest capital city.

The Great Walk in New Zealand that is considered the least strenuous is in what National Park?

Baga Lagoon is known as the “soft coral capital of the world”. What South Pacific country is it in?

Rottnest Island off Western Australia has the “world’s happiest animal”. What is it called?

Savaii in Samoa is the third largest Polynesian Island after New Zealand and one other. What is the other?

How well do you speak Zulu? What is their word for centipede?

Snow monkeys are said to be the “most relaxed” monkeys in the world. What country will you find them in?

A popular tourist activity in this town is to enjoy a camel ride on its very famous Cable Beach (best at sunset). Name the town in Australia.

Spectacular Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza are found in the Yucatan Peninsula where?

This city in Columbia is known as “the city of eternal spring” for its near perfect weather. Which one is it?

Goway offers three long stay destinations Downunder for Snowbirds looking for great value and another summer. One is the Bay of Plenty. Where is it?

There are three spectacular caves you can visit in Waitomo, New Zealand. Which one can you go blackwater rafting in.

Formula One Grand Prix races are held in many countries. Is Australia one of them?

Tattoos have been part of Polynesian tradition for centuries. True or false?

What is the name of the famed Luxury Train through the heart of Scotland?

What European Alpine Country is famous for chocolate and cheese?

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