Beach at Antalya, Turkey

The Globetrotting Diaries: A Beach Escape in Turkey

When you think about Turkey, likely the first things that will come to your mind are its long history, religious culture, and tasty baklava. Of course, it’s also a country that lies on two continents simultaneously, which I think is probably most impressive of all.

The country is also one of the best beach and wellness destinations in Europe. I’ve had a chance to visit the Turkish southern Mediterranean beaches of Antalya more than a couple of times, both as a tourist and a travel agent. As a matter of fact this is where I actually met my husband (a travel agent himself) on a business trip 11 years ago and maybe this is why this place is more than just a travel destination for me.

The actual location was a magnificent resort in Belek (a town in Antalya Province) that is well known for its beaches and thermal spas as well as golf. Exceptional services, great climate, extremely good food, and on top of this the most relaxing spa I have ever experienced (the coffee exfoliation and the salt sauna were always my preferred) made it a perfect destination to fall in love with.

Antalya always offered me and my clients not only great services, deluxe accommodation even for the most high-end tourists, beautiful beaches, and turquoise water, but also a calm, relaxing place to discover new people and enjoy new experiences. 

I can’t recommend Turkey highly enough as a beach destination for North American travellers.

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Carmen Curca
Carmen Curca
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