Jake Dances Across China in 100 days

Globetrotting Dartmouth Student Dances his way across China in 100 days

In this day and age of social networks, access to media and our apparent obsession with ‘selfies’, travellers take photo’s not just for themselves to remember when they get home, but take them for the world to see them right now!

Meet Jake. He’s a Dartmouth student who spent a semester abroad, studying Mandarin lessons in…obviously, China. Between his lessons, he and his foreign classmates had the priviledge of travelling to just about every corner of the Middle Kingdom, including Tibet, Xian (terracotta warriors), Beijing and beyond. Creatively, perhaps inspired by ‘Dancing Matt’, he danced his way across China, and impressively  filmed himself dancing in bright shorts to the tunes of Bruno Mars, Treasure.

The locals, and tourists alike can’t help but crowd around this oddly dressed foreigned dancing and grinning at everybody. One manadarin phrase he learned well, after hearing it so many times was ‘Aren’t you cold?’. Jake’s video has even appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, and Jake has gone on to submit to several other talk shows, and with almost half a million hits in just 3 weeks, at some point or another, everyone will see ‘Guy dances across China in 100 days‘.

Here’s a link to Dartmouth’s website – where we heard about the story.

If you’re planning on dancing around China yourself, for a few days or a few weeks, our Asis Expert’s team would love to help you in arranging your travel. Please see our China travel ideas page for starters.

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