Waterfall in Rincón de la Vieja National Park, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Four Great Ways to Recharge on Active Costa Rica Tours

When it comes to active, action-packed destinations, Costa Rica offers the whole package wrapped in coast to coast natural beauty. Combine that with opportunities to try almost any adventure sport you can think of, from zip-lining to hang-gliding, to whitewater rafting, surfing, and much more, and there’s a Costa Rica experience bound to get your adrenaline pumping. But what about when it’s time to kick back and relax while on Costa Rica tours? Or recharge those tired muscles, ready for tomorrow’s adventures? Whether you’re a foodie, a nature lover, on a romantic getaway, or craving as little movement as possible during your downtime, there’s a way to hit the reset button in true Costa Rican style.

Bask in Biodiversity

For all Costa Rica’s heart pumping activities, you’ll still want time to step back and appreciate this living natural wonder. Around 28% of Costa Rica’s land area falls within a national park, reserve, or wildlife refuge. The country has also been a recognized leader in eco-tourism for decades now, pioneering eco-lodges among other innovations. Visitors reap the benefits no matter which part of the country they’re in. Thrill seekers share the slopes of Arenal Volcano National Park with most of Costa Rica’s 850 bird species. The other side of the mountain, at Monteverde, is home to over 100 mammal species, and 120 different amphibians and reptiles. This biodiversity doesn’t stop at the beach. Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean coast is known for its beach-resting turtles, manatees, and crocodiles, while canal tours take visitors inland to see the forest-dwelling wildlife, including sloths and jaguars. In Costa Rica, there’s never any doubt that you’re nature’s guest.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Canopy Walk, Costa Rica
Monteverde Cloud Forest canopy walk

Taste Nature’s Gifts

Given its idyllic climate, you’d probably expect Costa Rica to offer a wide variety of tropical fruits and vegetables. What many visitors on Costa Rica tours don’t realize is that the country claims 12 distinct climate zones within its borders. That kind of diversity brings a staggering array of natural produce, with just as many ways to enjoy it. Most are commonly blended with water or milk to create the local jugos naturales, but try some more unusual flavours such as cooked pejibaye with mayonnaise, or the colourful cashew fruit. And do we need to discuss chocolate? Hey, you’ve had a high energy day! The cacao bean is packed with calcium, antioxidants, and other goodness, so don’t let anyone tell you that chocolate isn’t good for you. If you need yet another reason to try it, take part in a cacao ceremony, where boiled and strained cacao beans are passed around to the participants with music, some affirmations, and just a little meditation. With cacao. What’s not to enjoy?

Tasting raw cacao during a cacao tour near Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Tasting raw cacao during a cacao tour near Tamarindo

A Romantic Allure

A few days is all it takes to fall in love with Costa Rica. For some, it might even be a matter of hours! But it can also kindle the romantic spark as a couple’s destination. Forget about honeymoon clichés. Costa Rica has something to fit a wide variety of ‘romantic escapes.’ It could well mean unwinding in the secluded luxury of an eco-lodge, zip lining at high speed through the forest canopy together, sharing in a surfing class, or having that extra pair of eyes keeping a lookout for Costa Rica’s colourful bird and animal life. For couples… or family, or just friends, Costa Rica tours have no shortage of experiences to bring you closer together.

Couple paddling at Arenal Lake and admiring Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
Couple paddling at Arenal Lake and admiring Arenal Volcano

The Bliss of Stillness

If your Costa Rica trip has your heart pounding, slow things right down when it’s time to recharge. You know a country that counts a volcano among its biggest attractions is serious about the benefits of a good hot spring, and Costa Rica has many. The natives have been enjoying mud baths here for centuries. They credit them not only for their good health, but with slowing down the aging process. Whether you’ve enjoyed a good soak or not, don’t miss the Costa Rican sunset. Whether it’s fading over the rainforest canopy or setting the Pacific ablaze with gold, there’s something about sunlight in this part of the world that just grabs the imagination, particularly during North America’s spring. Take a seat, meditate if you wish, and bask in the end of another glorious Costa Rica day.

Amazing sunset over Manuel Antonio Public Beach in Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Amazing sunset over Manuel Antonio public beach in Puntarenas
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