Landscape in Serengeti Migration Camp, Tanzania

Enjoy a Sky Safari on Your East Africa Vacation, and See the “Tiny Five”

A sky safari may sound like an oxymoron, but when you consider the immense size of Tanzania and Kenya, it is a logical and time efficient way to cover the vast distances between iconic parks on your East Africa vacation. Northern Tanzania includes Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, and Lake Manyara National Park, while Kenya includes Amboseli, Meru National Park, and Masai Mara National Park.

Considering the trend for shorter vacations that offer a true escape from the daily grind of modern life, the sky safari offers an incredible 8-day itinerary in each of these countries, travelling in a luxurious executive aircraft and staying in some of the leading lodges in this diverse region of East Africa.

Treehouse at Tarangire Treetops, Tanzania
Treehouse at Tarangire Treetops, Tanzania

The 8-Day Tanzania Sky Safari starts and ends in Arusha from US$6575/CA$8668 per person, twin share.

The 8-Day Kenya Sky Safari starts and ends in Nairobi from US6182/CA8159 per person, twin share.

The interior of the Sky Safari's 9 seater Cessna 208B aircraft
The interior of the Sky Safari’s 9 seater Cessna 208B aircraft

Both include airport transfers, flights aboard a 9 seater Cessna 208B, 7 nights luxurious accommodation, most meals and drinks, park entrance fees, game viewing in a 7-seater 4WD vehicle, and personalized service throughout.

For the ultimate East Africa vacation, the above itineraries can be done together. Speak to one of our Africa Experts for a discounted rate on doing both Africa safaris.

Goway also offers more traditional safaris in East Africa. A popular extension, for travellers with more time, is to add some beach time in Zanzibar.

Elsas Kopje Meru - Bush Breakfast, Kenya Photo Credit- Elewana
Bush breakfast at Elsas Kopje Meru, Kenya

East Africa’s “Tiny Five”

We’ve all probably heard of Africa’s “big five” – big game animals one finds on an Africa safari. Once regarded as the hardest prey for game hunters, this term is still used by safari organizers today. The big five consists of Cape buffalo, rhinoceros, lions, leopard, and elephants.

Well, below is an article from Elawana, exploring Africa’s “Tiny Five.”

…we present the “Tiny Five” of African wildlife — miniature creatures that mimic certain characteristics or behaviors of their full-sized doppelgangers.

With lots of attitude, armor-like outer shells and twin horns used for fighting other males, it’s easy to see how the Rhinoceros Beetle got its name.

Rhinoceros Beetle Photo Credit Didier Descouens
Rhinoceros beetle | Photo credit: Didier Descouens

The Elephant Shrew features an elongated snout that closely resembles an elephant’s trunk. In addition to using it to sniff out dangers and potential mates, the snout can also be used to snatch and carry edibles in a most elephant-like manner.

Elephant-shrew.-Photo-by-Joey-Makalintal, Africa
Elephant shrew | Photo credit: Joey Makalintal

Spots are the common denominator between the Leopard Tortoise and the big cat. The world’s fourth largest tortoise species, adult males can weigh up to 120 pounds. Their carapace (shell) is decorated with black and yellow rosettes not unlike those found on a leopard.

Leopard-tortoise-Photo-by-Berthold-Werner, Africa
Leopard tortoise | Photo credit: Berthold-Werner

On the other hand, the Antlion doesn’t look anything like the big cat that inspired its name. Rather the moniker of this dragon-fly-like creature derives from the ferocious predatory nature of its larvae.

Antlion-larvae.-Photo-by-Assianir, Africa
Antlion larvae | Photo credit: Assianir

Last but not least among the small fry, the White-Headed Buffalo Weaver doesn’t look or act anything like one of a big, grumpy African buffalo. This time the name reflects the fact that the attractive white, black and orange bird hangs around buffaloes to munch insects stirred up by the larger animals’ movement through the grass.

White-Headed Buffalo Weaver photo credit Bob Fabry
White-headed buffalo weaver | Photo credit: Bob Fabry

While they are obviously a lot harder to spot than the full-sized Big Five, try adding the Tiny Five to your checklist on your next Elewana safari in East Africa.

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Kirsty Perring
Kirsty Perring

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