Africa’s Shongololo: Following the Millipede

It’s said that when native Africans caught the first glimpse of trains in their land, they dubbed the strange contraptions Shongololo, meaning millipede. Years later, that millipede takes passengers through some of the most beautiful country on earth, with routes exploring South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. Recently acquired by Rovos Rail (known for […]

Maasai Shepherd Leading Flock of Goats, Kenya, East Africa

Savvy Travellers Return to Africa on a Journey of a Lifetime

Each new year promises new adventures. In 2016, some savvy travellers return to Africa on a journey of a lifetime… before the rest of the world’s holiday-makers catch up! Africa tourism has had a rough ride in recent years, weathering Ebola hysteria – despite the outbreaks being thousands of miles from the continent’s popular destinations […]

Cape to Cairo Cape Town Pyramids Blend

Cape to Cairo: Our President’s Journey of a Lifetime

In early 2015, we at Goway introduced the Cape to Cairo Ultimate Journey of A Lifetime to our exclusive Holidays of a Lifetime® series. This 32-day extraordinary journey covers 8 countries and spans an entire continent. After months of anticipation, meticulous planning, and careful preparation, our founder and president, Bruce Hodge, and wife, Claire are […]