Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Across Central & South America

The diverse regions of Central and South America contain some of the world’s biggest and most impressive sites. Not only does travelling among these destinations involve various forms of transportation, but each journey in the region has its own story, its own allure, and are often memorable experiences in themselves. Planes Fly over the steep […]

New Nazca Lines Discovered

A pilot flying over the Nazca desert after a recent sandstorm spotted geoglyphs that have never been seen before! What are the Nazca Lines? First discovered in 1935 in southern Peru, the Nazca lines are near the town of Nazca, about 4 hours by road from the Peruvian capital of Lima. They include over 650 […]

RECIPE: Pollo a la Brasa

This great rotisserie chicken recipe has become hugely popular throughout both North and South America. Known by the names of Super Chicken, Pollo a la Brasa, or Peruvian Chicken, this is a tasty way to make a succulent dish with enough flavour to satisfy anyone, but mild enough for everyone. Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes […]

10 Getaway Ideas for Milestone Celebrations (that you can do in under 10 days!)

For those of you who have some kind of reason to celebrate this year, be it some major birthday, anniversary, marriage or divorce, rewarding yourself with a trip is one sure way to remember it. Whatever the occasion, you’ll want a getaway destination that’s special, unique, and highly memorable. But you also have limited time and don’t […]