Mount Kilimanjaro and clouds line at sunset, view from savanna landscape in Amboseli, Kenya, Africa

Why We Love Kenya

Kenya is a land of beauty and diversity, with an endless list of reasons to visit. Featuring stunning landscapes, animal and plant life, and fascinating cultures, Kenya is truly blessed with these riches, and more! We asked some of our Africa Experts what they love about Kenya, and have compiled a list of why this […]

The Annual Maasai Olympics

For centuries the Maasai have practiced a traditional rite of passage to manhood… hunting and killing lions. There are now too many people and too few lions. Things needed to change and so the Maasai Olympics was created. Now in its third year, this annual event held in Kenya showcases traditional Maasai tribal skills, while also […]

Elephants drinking from Okavango, Botswana

Africa Right Now Has No Crowds and Some Great Deals Available!

For determined travellers there has never been a better time to travel to Eastern and Southern Africa, thousands of miles from the Ebola-affected” areas of Western Africa. The masses are staying away in droves, while Globetrotters have seen a great opportunity. The well-travelled know Africa is one gigantic continent, not a tiny island, and Brazil and Spain are […]