Giant tortoise on Curieuse Island, Seychelles

Choosing Your Idyllic Island Vacation: Mauritius vs Seychelles

Both a step beyond the typical island destinations, the Indian Ocean’s jewels of Mauritius and Seychelles each offer their own delights. When choosing an idyllic island vacation, it’s the little differences that can help make the decision. All the world’s great island destinations offer their share of luxurious resorts and spas, just as all strike […]

The Multicultural Melting Pot of the Island of Mauritius

Nestled in the Indian Ocean, off the southeast coast of Africa, the island nation of Mauritius is renowned worldwide for its sparkling natural beauty, luxury, and extravagance. With a rich history and a unique blend of cultures and ethnicities, this real-life tropical paradise boasts sapphire waters, heavenly beaches, stunning mountain scenery, and stylish upmarket resorts. […]