Top Value (Last Minute) Travel Destinations for Spring & Summer 2015

There are certain destinations that feature low season rates in spring and early summer whilst they still have great weather (neither too hot nor too cold), are not overcrowded with high season tourists, and allow the Globetrotter to take advantage of trips that offer superb value for dollar. 1. AUSTRALIA Spring and summer are ideal […]

Young Woman Hiking in New Zealand

Hiking in New Zealand

With cascading waterfalls, emerald-green forests, and miles of untouched black-and-white sand beaches, New Zealand is a picturesque, majestic, and awe-inspiring destination. For the adventurous, active traveller, exploring New Zealand by foot is, by far, the most rewarding way to fully experience the country’s jaw-dropping, natural beauty. New Zealand offers a variety of unspoiled trails, and […]

The Secrets of Off-Peak Travel

Savvy travellers can beat the crowds and score big savings by scheduling their holidays during shoulder season or low season. During off-peak travel times, Globetrotters can see the world’s best spots when everyone else isn’t. Access to top attractions, fine hotels, and acclaimed restaurants is easier, travel fares are lower, and weather can be near-perfect. […]