Jake Dances Across China in 100 days

Globetrotting Dartmouth Student Dances his way across China in 100 days

In this day and age of social networks, access to media and our apparent obsession with ‘selfies’, travellers take photo’s not just for themselves to remember when they get home, but take them for the world to see them right now! Meet Jake. He’s a Dartmouth student who spent a semester abroad, studying Mandarin lessons […]

Sri Lanka

Five “Off-The Beaten-Track” Travel Ideas in Asia – Perfect for Globetrotters

For those looking for something not everyone has done in Asia, we asked our experts what they’d recommend for their most well-travelled clients. Here are 5 ideas to take Globetrotters off the typical traveller’s route and onto a path of true discovery: (1) Sri Lanka is a diverse tropical island country with a lot to offer…and […]