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Destination Specialists Share Their Favourite Adventure and Hiking Destinations

Here at Goway Travel, we reached out to a few of our destination specialists across departments and asked them to share what they think are the best destinations for adventure and hiking vacations. If you see some of your favourite adventure travel highlights on our list or want to share your own thoughts about where you’re hoping to travel when this pause in travel is all over, let us know in the comments.

What are your top destinations for adventure and hiking?

New Zealand

There are so many great hikes within the country from one-to-multi-day treks (or tramping as the Kiwis call it). Queenstown is often called the adventure capital of the world as they love their adventure sports down there. Skydive, bungee, rafting, jet boating, zip-lining, heli-hikes, and mountain biking to name just some of the activities you can do there.

Janette Purdham, Downunder Destination Specialist

In particular, the South Island. In the north, you have one of the world’s best wine regions and the perfect waters of Abel Tasman National Park. Then follow the West Coast down through glacier country to the lakes around Queenstown and Fiordland National Park. I’m not a huge outdoors guy, but this was one of my favourite trips.

— Christian Baines, Content Editor

The South Island has so much to offer from iconic tracks to places just off the beaten path. It’s unspoiled and amazing with dark sky areas and lots of kayaking. The North Island has fishing and being in nature! With redwoods to wine country, the North Island is so much fun!

— Vanessa Lloyd, Downunder Destination Specialist

The Daintree Rainforest, Australia

There are so many amazing bird sounds, green forests, and animals.

— Chris Dyce, Digital Marketing Manager

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has a great mountain range, which caters for someone looking for a leisurely hike to a more technical climb. A full moon hike on Lion Heads is a must see. Going up the hill to watch the sunset then climbing down at night is a great experience. South Africa has a lot more to offer from the highest bungee jump in the world to zip lining and much more.

– Nazneen Parkar, Digital Marketing Strategist

The Inca Trail, Torres del Paine, and the Sydney Coastal Track

This is a world classic and having done it many times it is a favourite of mine. I also just trekked to the base of the Towers in Torres del Paine with my son, which was as memorable as it was tough—well, for an old guy like me. My son cruised through it. Also, I recently walked the coast track in Sydney, Australia. This trail wasn’t there when I grew up so it was nice walking from Coogee to South Head with my boy and telling all my old war (youth) stories. He humoured me and actually listened…most of the time.

Don Forster, General Manager for Central & South America

Ecuador and Peru

I love Ecuador’s rainforests and similar remote locations where I can immerse myself and forget about the rest of the world, such as hiking in the Amazon. Breathing fresh air and listening to the sound of animals is just great. I also love Machu Picchu in Peru, as it radiates a magical and incredible energy I can’t even explain.

Paola Silva, Product Manager for Central & South America


I love Patagonia’s stunning vistas, paths untrodden by the masses, and mountains and lakes.

Virginia Dameno, Central & South America Destination Specialist

Iceland and Patagonia

Both of these places are scenically stunning and rugged and romantic. The geography and remoteness of Patagonia is incredible. Iceland was captivating for its diversity from the rest of Europe.

— Nadya Phelan, Training Manager

British Columbia, Canada

I feel like you could live for 1,000 years, go hiking every day in BC, and still not see it all or explore all the trails. The views you climb to, the tall, tall trees and the smell of cedar and different wood mixed with the fresh mountain air is like no other. Definitely without a doubt my favourite place. Australia has great beach hikes too. But there’s nothing like B.C. in Canada.

— Nicole Haslam, Idyllic Islands Destination Specialist

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