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Destination Specialists Share The Countries That Top Their Bucket Lists

We’re all dreaming about travel right now. At Goway, while we work remotely, we’re still adding to our bucket lists and prioritizing which destinations we’ll want to visit when this is all over. When travel finally returns, we’ll be thrilled to fly across the world to finally cross these destinations off our bucket lists.

Until that time comes, here at Goway Travel, we’ve queried a few of the destination specialists across departments and asked them to share which destinations they put at the top of their bucket lists or which ones they’re dreaming about for when travel returns.

If you see some of your bucket list destinations on our list or want to share your own thoughts about where you’re hoping to travel to when this is all over, let us know in the comments


I have to be honest: my husband was the one who really wanted to go. I had planned to go to Cuba before the opportunity to visit Antarctica came to pass. I loved it. The topography, ability to interact with nature, and the passion of the people who were our guides and the stories they tell really engross your senses and make you wish to stay longer or return in the future.

Nadya Phelan, Training Manager

Well, it has to be Antarctica, as I was only two days away from boarding a vessel to journey there before COVID-19 forced me to come back home. Beyond that, I want to visit Gallipoli with my kids and pass on an important part of who and what Australia is really about. And, on a more esoteric side, I want to go to Mongolia!

Don Forster, General Manager of Central & South America and the Polar Regions


Lisbon, Portugal

I’ve been thinking a lot about the coastal waves and cobblestone streets with hills on either side.

Chris Dyce, Digital Marketing Manager


Spain, Japan, and Tahiti

This is very difficult for me as I have three all at the top of my bucket list right now.

With Spain, the culture, food, music, and architecture has inspired me for years. I moved to Mexico when I was 18 for two years, learned about Spanish culture, the language, and all about the people. I know Spain is not Mexico, but it’s what got me interested in the first place. I can’t wait to go one day and learn about the culture, eat Spanish tapas, meet locals, and find some Spanish bars to dance in. Also, I’m excited about the history. I’m a big history buff and there’s so much there to see and learn about.

For starters, I have heard nothing but amazing things about Japan. I have sold trips to Asia since the beginning of my travel career and the country has always interested me. I have been all over Asia, but have yet to explore Japan. Like Spain, it’s not somewhere I want to knock off in a few days. I want time to explore the culture, food, and scenery. The country looks absolutely breathtaking. I love Japanese food and the advanced technology they have there already. I think that would be a trip that would change my life in so many ways.

Finally, there’s Tahiti and Bora Bora. Like many people, I’ve had these islands on my bucket list for a long time. I have always wanted to stay in an overwater bungalow and the more I have learnt about this style of accommodation, Tahiti has become the first place I want to experience it. I have spent a lot of time in Hawaii and absolutely love the culture there. So I know that Tahiti’s culture would be an amazing experience as well. As much as I love adventure and history travel, I am definitely a beach bum and love the beautiful water and white beach scenes. That’s what Tahiti is for me.

Nicole Haslam, Idyllic Islands Destination Specialist


New Zealand

I’m curious about what makes this place so unique!

Virginia Dameno, Central & South America Destination Specialist



I mean what’s not to love: volcanoes, waterfalls, not to mention the Northern Lights. 

Naazneen Parkar, Digital Marketing Strategist

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Aren Bergstrom

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