Nile River at Aswan, Egypt

Cruise the Nile with Sanctuary Retreats on Your Trip to Egypt

Since the Arab Spring in 2011, Egypt has suffered social and political destabilization, but things are calming down. This coming year offers an opportunity to get ahead of the crowds and travel to this vibrant nation bridging two continents. Egypt remains an appealing destination perfect for global adventurers and budget travellers alike. A cruise with Sanctuary Retreats down the mighty Nile River is a perfect way to experience a trip to Egypt, with this country’s intoxicating blend of vibrant culture, rich history, and natural splendour.

There’s a reason the country of Egypt revolves around the Nile. Without the mighty river (the longest in the world), the country would be unbroken desert. Luckily, this river forms a lush valley, which gave birth to one of the planet’s great civilizations. There is debate over whether ancient Egypt is the oldest known civilization (some experts argue Mesopotamia, others the Indus), but regardless of which great civilization came first, Egyptian culture has had monumental influence on the planet. Luckily, unlike with most ancient societies, the artefacts and monuments of ancient Egypt remain to this day. The Valley of the Kings and Queens is your best spot to visit these ancient tombs, including the famous tomb of King Tutankhamun, or King Tut, whose discovery in 1922 reignited the world’s obsession with Egypt.

Camels Walking in Front of Pyramids, Egypt
Camels walking at the Pyramids

Of course, Egypt is not a country living in the past. The cities and towns are bursting with life much like the surface of the Nile with its lotus flowers. Vibrant markets and cafes are the best places to engage with locals and take the temperature of Egyptian life. Cairo could keep guests occupied for an entire stay, splitting their time between the pyramids at Giza, the Egyptian Museum, and El Khalili Bazaar. But globetrotters should be sure to venture beyond the capital to enjoy the country’s many distinct flavours.

Alexandria, on the coast, offers a Mediterranean atmosphere, abounding with connections to ancient Rome and the rest of the ancient world, while Abu Simbel in the far south offers historical sites, like the Great Temple of Ramses II, you won’t find elsewhere. Combining past and present, stone monuments and bustling culture, a trip to Egypt should appeal to any globetrotter, and its budget price next to similar destinations should only make it more appealing. A great way to see the country is to embark on a river cruise between Aswan and Luxor to delve into the country’s fascinating history.

Sanctuary Sun Boat IV is a contemporary boutique boat with an Art Deco influence, featuring 40 cabins and suites, each with stunning river views and ensuite bathrooms. Three- and four-night itineraries between Aswan and Luxor have been carefully created to provide insight into the history and cultures along the Nile River. Fascinating shore excursions are accompanied by one of Sanctuary Retreats’ Egyptologists, who, with their specialist knowledge and insider access, will guarantee to enhance guests’ Nile experience. Excursions include visits to the Valley of the Kings and Queens, the Unfinished Obelisk, and Kom Ombo.

Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Presidential Suite, Nile River, Egypt
Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Presidential Suite

Renowned for their first-class hospitality, the Sanctuary Sun Boat IV team create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that is unmatched on the Nile. Activities on board include cooking classes with the accomplished chefs, and a traditional “galabeya” party. Guests seeking to travel at a gentler pace can simply relax in the sundeck’s pool, as they sail through the mystical landscapes of the Nile. The combination of elegant surroundings, cultural itineraries, and experienced Egyptologists makes this Nile cruise, on a trip to Egypt, an experience of a lifetime.

Suggested Itinerary:
5-Day Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan

Sanctuary Sun Boat IV pool deck
Sanctuary Sun Boat IV pool deck

Goway offers all of Sanctuary Retreats’ exquisite cruise journeys on the Nile. For more information or other travel ideas for your trip to Egypt, please visit

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Kirsty Perring

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