Beautiful Camilo Beach in Lagos in the Algarve, Portugal

Consider a Portugal Vacation for Your Winter Getaway

Looking for a warm destination for a long stay this coming winter? We recommend a sunny Portugal vacation for that winter getaway. Not only is it a temperate climate during our North American winter months, it is an incredible value.

Located in the southern most region of Portugal is the Algarve, which is a popular tourism hub. In fact, many tourists from Europe own properties here.

Here are some tips and ideas of what you can do for a long stay in the Algarve this winter.

If you travel to Portugal in the peak months of July and August the temperature is usually over 30 degrees during the day, which for many can be too hot to get out and be active. Travelling in the shoulder season gives that relief from the heat, even travelling in the winter is perfect to get out and enjoy the area. The winter temperatures tend to sit between 9 to 16 degrees Celsius during the coldest day, but with the sunshine it feels like the low 20s. The fall and spring temperatures sit in the 17-19 degrees Celsius range and feel like the mid-20s to low 30s, which is the ideal climate to get out and be active.

White Sand Beach on the Algarve Coast, Portugal
White sand beaches on the Algarve coast

During the winter months, it is recommended to stay in a central town that gives great access to local restaurants and shops, as the population in Algarve does shrink. Some hotels will close for the season, and this is why picking the right place for your long stay is so important, as you don’t want to choose something that is too remote – which may be fine for only a one week stay. The goal on a long stay vacation is to live with the locals.

If you are wondering what you can do in the Algarve in the winter, there are plenty of activities and many areas to explore. If you are not comfortable driving around, there are day tours that allow you to explore. Enjoy a tour to visit local towns, such as the quaint town of Lagos, located by a beach and stunning cliffs. Heading to Alte Village is a great option to visit a historical town and see the countryside of the Algarve. A must do on your Portugal vacation is the half day tour from Faro to the Loule Market, where you can interact with the bustling locals. While participating in the tour you can also visit a Moorish castle. There are even day tour options that will take you to Seville in nearby Spain or Gibraltar, and are a great way to explore outside of the Algarve.

Town of Lagos at Dusk in the Algarve, Portugal
Town of Lagos at dusk

Street in Faro, Portugal

If you are confident driving around, you can spend a weekend exploring in Spain with a weekender bag, and push off to explore Granada and the Alhambra. Of course, the advantages of travelling in the winter months to many of these destinations are that the line-ups are short, the sites are less crowded, and you get to take better pictures, as there are fewer people to get in your shot.

If you are considering a long stay at the Algarve on a Portugal vacation this winter, check out Goway’s Portugal Special Tour Deals page. It truly offers the chance to do something different!

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