DIY Tourism Campaign Invites You to Tour New Zealand at Home

A land of easy self-drives, friendly locals (actually friendly, not just ‘I work in tourism’ friendly), truly spectacular landscapes, and activities to suit every interest. New Zealand has always been an ideal destination for a ‘build your own bucket-list’ trip! They’re also setting an example for the world to follow in the fight against COVID-19, […]

Dubai: The Electric Caterpillar

Photographer and freelance journalist Flash Parker recently traveled to the United Arab Emirates’ most glittering jewel: Dubai. Dubai is an electric caterpillar charged with neon blood, wrapped tight in gold leaf and constantly evolving inside a diamond-studded chrysalis that shimmers under the Arabian moonlight – always eager to break free of the past and present shiny […]

Cute Koala

Cute Aussie Animal Videos

These aren’t necessarily breaking news, but we’ve collected a couple short videos that are out there on Australia. Some are funny, some touching, all entertaining. We’ve seen this go around for years, but the first one never gets old. Every visitor to Australia wants to see a kangaroo. For the most part Kangaroo’s are harmless, […]