The Secrets of Off-Peak Travel

Savvy travellers can beat the crowds and score big savings by scheduling their holidays during shoulder season or low season. During off-peak travel times, Globetrotters can see the world’s best spots when everyone else isn’t. Access to top attractions, fine hotels, and acclaimed restaurants is easier, travel fares are lower, and weather can be near-perfect. […]

Road To Mandalay on the Ayeyarwady River, Myanmar

Boutique Cruising 101

During the past few years, more and more discerning travellers have been foregoing big cruise ship holidays in favour of stylish river cruises, small vessel eco-cruise experiences, luxury yachts, and elegant sailing ships. These smaller boats access smaller ports that big ships can’t, giving passengers a unique opportunity to travel deeper into the world’s most […]


Odd Facts about Australia

January 26 is Australia Day in Australia, a national summer holiday celebrated with beer, BBQ’s and a long weekend! For those that think that may know all there is to know about Australia, here are a few fun facts that you might not have been aware of. POISON PLATYPUS – They may be the cutest thing ever…but, the […]

African Geography: More Than Just a Category on Jeopardy

In the past, Alex Trebek, beloved host of Jeopardy, may have provided the following clue to his three contestants: ‘cultural kaleidoscopes’, ‘vast and diverse landscapes’, and ‘wildlife encounters you could only dream about’. The smartest of the bunch would have posed the question: What are things one could experience when visiting several of the 54 […]