New Zealand is a perfect destination to explore by motorhome or by private vehicle

Great travel ideas and destinations to visit Downunder this Summer

Summer Downunder, either in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere in the South Pacific is worth considering for anyone planning a trip this year. We want to give you some travel ideas and regions that are best experienced during the North American summer. An added bonus of visiting these areas is the reduced airfare you can purchase because it […]

Man eats free for a year in airport lounge before cancelling ticket for full refund

As a travel company, we sometimes find ourselves explaining the differences in prices of airline tickets to our clients. How could one ticket cost twice as much as another, when both are flying to the same place? Typically, the most expensive tickets are ones which give the traveller the most flexibility, be it flight changes, […]

Surprised backpacker

18 Don’ts of Travel

Practice makes perfect! Have you had any hard lessons while travelling? Here’s a list of 18 don’ts of travel: 1. Overpacking At home, with your complete wardrobe available, there’s no reason not to run through work, workout, and working-the-clubs outfits in a single day. But when your life is crammed into a couple of bags, […]