Young Couple Using a Notebook in an Asian Hotel Room While Lying on the Bed

Staying Connected in Asia

My backpacking days honestly don’t feel like they were that long ago, but I remember having to line up in the local telecom office, waiting my turn, paying my rupees or Bhat, and then dialing my parents to check in with them on how I was doing. There was always that inevitable first mission upon […]

Overwater, Beach, or Garden Bungalow in Tahiti?

Known as one of the most beautiful, exotic, and postcard-worthy destinations in the world, French Polynesia is a collection of far-flung small atolls in the South Pacific seas. World-famous islands such as Tahiti and Bora Bora are part of French Polynesia, inducing visions of crystal-clear waters swirling with brightly coloured fish, miles of golden sand beaches, and palm […]

Photographing Elephants in Africa

Top 5 Tips for Photographing Animals in Africa

When you’re going on a once-in-a-lifetime safari in Africa, capturing great photos of your experience is a must. Majestic lions, leaping leopards, gigantic gentle elephants, and magical African sunsets make for jaw-dropping photos that you’ll treasure forever. Africa is the world’s best destination for photographers of all skill levels. With today’s advanced digital cameras, getting […]

Self-Drive vs Motorcoach Tours in New Zealand: Which is Right for You?

A New Zealand vacation is a bucket-list dream for many adventurous travellers. The country’s incomparable sights include mountains, beaches, glaciers, fjords, and farms, as well as charming cities and towns. For travellers who fancy an afternoon picnic and wine tasting, world-class wineries and glorious vineyards await. If you’re planning to travel to New Zealand, you have basically two ways to […]

Cultural Dos and Don’ts in Asia

Asia vacations can take you to a host of enchanting places. Whether you are getting friendly with elephants in Thailand or India, marveling at the landscape in Guilin, China, or soaking up Tokyo‘s innovative atmosphere, you are in for an unforgettable experience. However, an Asia tour doesn’t come without its caveats. Cultural norms within the world’s […]