Tasting Taiwan

Tasting Taiwan

Food can be such an important part of travelling abroad. Before I worked for Goway, I once heard a tour leader say that you can almost mess up any part of a person’s travels but as long as you get the food right, you are golden. His words, not mine but there is probably a […]

Apple Cinnamon Energy Bars

Baby Boomer Booster!

Whether you’re a golfer, walker, Golden Oldie or Lion, we all need a boost now & then! These “Baby Boomer Booster” Bars are just the ticket to keep you going til the end of your event. Rich in the nutty taste of pecans and naturally sweetened with dates, our Apple Cinnamon Energy Bars are flavour and nutrient-packed […]

Jake Dances Across China in 100 days

Globetrotting Dartmouth Student Dances his way across China in 100 days

In this day and age of social networks, access to media and our apparent obsession with ‘selfies’, travellers take photo’s not just for themselves to remember when they get home, but take them for the world to see them right now! Meet Jake. He’s a Dartmouth student who spent a semester abroad, studying Mandarin lessons […]