Creepy Insects of South America

Throughout most of South America, the chances of a traveler seeing anything more terrifying than a few ants or large stick bug is remote… But in the Amazon, creepy crawlies tend to be larger than life. The world’s largest rainforest is famous for everything being LARGE. Coincidentally, just recently an enormous spider was discovered in the Amazon! […]

Australia’s Northern Territory with Kelley Ferro – Landscapes

Globetrotter and film-maker Kelley Ferro helped us produce a video on Australia’s incredible Northern Territory. Each of her video’s had a theme, but before she even arrived, she planned on one entire episode focusing on the landscapes, surroundings and natural environment of the area. First off, being a desert-like terrain, the night sky, sunsets and […]

Australia’s Northern Territory with Kelley Ferro – Wildlife

Travel film-maker  Kelley Ferro helped us produce a video series on Australia’s Northern Territory, where in this episode she shines a light on some of the incredible wildlife of this region. When you think of Aussie animals, you’ll probably think of kangaroo’s or koala’s, but according to Kelley it was the feral camel which became […]