Antarctica’s Blood Waterfall – and how to get to the 7th Continent

Did you know that Antarctica is technically a desert? Antarctica is not only the coldest, driest (in terms of humidity and rainfall), and windiest continent, it’s home to the worlds largest desert! Deserts conjure images and ideas of remote, barren places. Waterfalls however are certainly not things you’d expect to find in a desert, let […]

10 Getaway Ideas for Milestone Celebrations (that you can do in under 10 days!)

For those of you who have some kind of reason to celebrate this year, be it some major birthday, anniversary, marriage or divorce, rewarding yourself with a trip is one sure way to remember it. Whatever the occasion, you’ll want a getaway destination that’s special, unique, and highly memorable. But you also have limited time and don’t […]

Why Ethiopia?

When I announced to friends that I would be traveling to Ethiopia in March of this year the response was overwhelmingly the same, consisting of one word… “Why?” For many people, Ethiopia conjures up images of desert wastelands, never ending famines, and depending on age, memories of Haile Selassie. Others have it confused with Somalia. […]

Cool, Refreshing Taste of Brazil

If your travel bucket list were to be turned into a line of drinks at a cocktail bar, you’d notice many of these ‘drinks’ would be similar in appearance, taste, even glassware… they’d taste good… but  one drink would really stand out. It would be colourful, adorned with fruit, look incredible, gigantic, and totally worth the price. Brazil […]

Australia’s Northern Territory with Kelley Ferro – Live like a local!

When some imagine Australia, they first picture beaches, surfing, rugby or a big bridge, but for others, their first image which comes to mind is that of the vast Australian outback. Red Sand, Blue Sky, Reptiles and Rodeos. We participated in a project to highlight everything great about the Australian Outback with Northern Territory tourism, […]