Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve - Elephants at Sunset Safari

The Bliss of a Day on Safari in Africa

There’s a faint knock on the door and a soft voice calling your name. For a second you forget where you are, but as you slowly open your eyes, the early morning sounds of the bush remind you that you are in your own part of heaven. “Good morning, this is your wakeup call. I have your coffee ready here for you.” Your day on safari has begun.

Reuniting with your fellow safari goers, you make your way down the dirt road and head out into the great African wild. Anticipation and excitement with an undertone of pure relaxation set the mood. Which magnificent animal will be the first we encounter today? What miracles of nature will we witness? And how many memories will we get to capture with our cameras—our very own memory makers? 

Male greater kudu at sunset, Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta, Botswana
A male greater kudu at sunset.

The pure joy of being out in the African savannah—the rocky outcrops inviting you in, the waterholes taking reservations for all who thirst, the sun in all its might warming you inside and out—all this brings a silent tear to your eye. Your guide spots something ahead. The anticipation and excitement grows and you can barely wait to share space with this incredible animal. Perhaps it’s a lion, lazing in the middle of the road lapping up the sun, or a giraffe reaching for the highest branch to get a snack. A cheeky warthog about to dash across your path or the elusive leopard covering its prey, barely visible under a tree. An elephant trumpeting as it calls its young to hurry up and follow or a male kudu in all its magnificence, just existing in the wild. Whatever this playground has to share with you today, the gifts of each sighting are endless.  

After our morning drive, we return to the lodge for a delicious breakfast and a chance to reminisce over the morning’s action. You have some time to yourself now. Nothing beats the chance to recline next to a sparkling and inviting plunge pool, attempting to get into the next chapter of your book all the while being gently nudged by the African sun and nature’s choir to set the novel down and fade into a state of rest. Ah, what peace. A cool down is in order before you pull yourself away from your state of bliss as the excitement of “what’s next” enters your mind. 

A spot of tea and tasty treats set you up for your afternoon’s exploration. Your friendly safari guide helps you onto the vehicle and announces with enthusiasm, “Alright, let’s see what the reserve has for us this afternoon.” After a while, you suddenly pull up to a spot that has some open space, perhaps a waterhole nearby, perfectly positioned facing west. It’s sundowner time! The hood of the vehicle transforms into a mini bar and in moments a G&T (or drink of choice) is placed in your hand and you have the chance to stop for a while, to take a breath and thank Mother Nature for this incredible opportunity. The sun would have set by the time you reach your lodge. You may just be fortunate enough to spot a nocturnal dweller en route.

Be it a quick freshen up or straight to the bar for you, you’re ready to see what the last chapter of your day presents. After a delectable meal and perhaps a nightcap around the fire, it’s time to turn in. You close your eyes and a slideshow of the day’s events flashes before you. As you drift off you sigh and realize you get to do it all over again tomorrow.

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Michelle Crabtree
Michelle Crabtree

Africa & the Middle East Destination Specialist - Sharing the many wonderful experiences Africa has to offer is a dream come true for Michelle. From breathtaking Table Mountain in Cape Town, to the open savanna of the Serengeti, to the white sandy beaches of the Seychelles, to discovering the ancient history of the Pyramids, she is enthusiastic about creating unforgettable itineraries for travellers of all ages.

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