Awake Your Senses on a Holiday of a Lifetime to India

Awake your senses as you experience a holiday of a lifetime in India!

Colourfully bright saris, aromatic spices, honking horns, and rose-infused sweets are just some of the exotic elements that will stimulate your senses in India. There is really nowhere else in the world quite like this exotic land, and people who have travelled there are forever affected by all that makes this country such a unique and magical place.

Bright coloured saris
Bright coloured saris

India is a large, diverse, and overwhelming country of contrasts. There are never ending questions as one plans their travel there. As Goway’s Asia Experts, we have been arranging itineraries to India for over 30 years, pairing all that India has to offer, with what we know visitors want.

With so much to see in India, most travellers will want to make a return visit, and explore other parts of this very diverse country. A fantastic way to see India’s cultural north is with Splendours of India, one our exclusive Holidays of Lifetime® tours.

Travelling as a small group, the 17-Day Splendours of India offers visitors a “promise of something special” as it features destination highlights, including a few UNESCO World Heritage sites, unique dining, safe transportation, an experienced tour director, and the comfort and security of knowing all your travel needs are being taken care of.

Meherangarth Fort, Jodhpur
Meherangarth Fort, Jodhpur

Marvel at the sights and sounds of Dhobi Ghats in Mumbai, where you see clothes being laundered by hand.

In Udaipur, which is known for its lakes and palaces, explore the extraordinary City Palace, which was built in 1725.

Journey to Jodhpur, or as it’s also known, “Blue City”, for the vivid blue-painted houses surrounding Meherangarth Fort. Jodhpur was the filming location for the film, The Dark Knight Rises, in 2011.

Elephant Ride up to Amber Palace, Jaipur
Elephant Ride up to Amber Palace, Jaipur

Go back to a time when Maharajas entered the Amber Fort in Jaipur on elephant back, as you experience the elephant journey yourself.

Safari through Ranthambore National Park, the land of Bengal tigers, where you can spot and listen for these beautiful creatures as well as bears and many other animals.

No journey to India is complete without laying your gaze on the magnifence of Taj Mahal, in Agra. Learn of the love story that inspired this tomb, and how each piece of inlay stone was done by hand.

Aarti ceremony in Varanasi
Aarti ceremony in Varanasi

Continuing on a spiritual journey, Varanasi is a humbling city, as ghats line the Ganges River, ready for the day’s pilgrimage. Observe an Aarti ceremony at sunset, a Hindu ritual of worship, where wicks are lit and placed in the Ganges.

In Delhi, enjoy a cycle tour where you can observe the contrast between old and new, as you may see a person riding a camel, just feet away from someone driving the latest car. It’s a city where Qubub Minar, India’s tallest stone tower built in the 13th century, resides along the more modern India Gate, a war memorial commemorating the Indian soldiers killed during WWII.

Colourful Spices in India Market_103534631

Surpassing all other tour experiences, the Splendours of India allows you to immerse your taste buds in all the decadent flavours found in Indian cuisine, as you enjoy some unique dining experiences.

With your tour director taking care of everything from hotel/airport transfers to most meals, allow yourself to sit back, relax, enjoy a cup of chai, and take in every sight, sound, smell, and taste India has to offer!

Taj Mahal in Agra
Taj Mahal in Agra

For more information on our 17-Day Splendours of India – Holiday of a Lifetime, or any of our other exclusive Holidays of a Lifetime experiences, please visit us at

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