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Tara Sorab

Tara Sorab

Contributing Editor - For over 25 years, Tara has travelled to various places around the globe, including numerous countries in Europe and Asia. Some of the most memorable and favourite trips have been to Egypt, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. Istanbul, Turkey still sits at the very top of Tara’s bucket list, and her heartstrings always tug for anything along the Mediterranean – where she has a special love for Italy’s Amalfi Coast.
Cup of Turkish Salep, Turkey cropped

DRINK RECIPE: Turkish Salep

Good news for those who don’t like winter… we’ve made it through the halfway point! Weather-wise, it’s been a tough season so far for most of North America. While some take advantage of the winter activities on offer, others desperately…

Kimchi, Korea Vacations

RECIPE: Kimchi

So here we are, just about the middle of January of 2019. This is usually when the well-intended diet resolutions – made right after the glittering Times Square ball drops – start to slowly dissipate. But don’t worry. Rather than…

Australian lamington cake, Australia Tour

RECIPE: Australian Lamington Cake

This festive season, whether hosting a party, bringing potluck to an event, or just having a delicious treat on hand, try serving an Australian lamington cake. Pretty simple to make, this butter cake is coated with chocolate and rolled in…

Mango lassi with mint leaves, India


Beat the heat this summer with a cool and refreshing Mango Lassi. Lassi is a yogurt-based drink originating in India. Given yogurt’s cooling properties, it is locally enjoyed in hot weather, and also works as a digestive at meal time,…

Green Chimichurri Sauce, Argentina

RECIPE: Argentine Chimichurri Sauce

Perfect on grilled meats, Argentine Chimichurri Sauce is a tasty marinade made from fresh herbs, garlic, and vinegar. It also makes a great accompaniment for rice, beans, bread, or anything else that needs a bit of flavour and tang. In…

Victoria Sponge Cake with strawberries and cream on a vintage silver cake stand for afternoon tea, England, UK (United Kingdom)

RECIPE: Victoria Sponge Cake

May is an ideal month to make a Victoria Sponge Cake… and this year, even more so! Named after Queen Victoria, who used to enjoy a slice with her afternoon tea, this traditional cake is still widely eaten today in…

Chocolate Afghan Biscuits, New Zealand

RECIPE: Afghan Biscuits

Don’t let the name fool you. Afghan Biscuits are a traditional New Zealand cookie. Although it’s not known where the name comes from, these biscuits have nothing to do with Afghanistan, and are a real favourite with Kiwis. Comprising mostly…

Pinca, a tradional Easter Bread, Croatia

RECIPE: Pinca (Croatian Easter Cake)

Having survived what we hope is the worst our North American winter for the year, March welcomes happy thoughts of spring. While we see the winter thaw, our clocks move forward one hour to Daylight Savings Time, garden centres start…

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