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Downunder Product and Marketing Manager - Melbourne-born Meg arrived in Canada in January with no winter coat, one suitcase, a one week booking at a youth hostel, and a sight-unseen job offer at Goway Travel. She thought she’d stay for a year – that was 12 years ago! Never one to shy away from adventure, Meg has been in the industry for 23 years and has journeyed extensively through Europe, Asia and North America. Meg’s heart however belongs to the South Pacific, including New Zealand, Fiji, and her native Australia.

Poisson Cru with coconut rice…served in a fresh coconut!

Recipe: Tahitian Poisson Cru

Poisson cru or ia ota in Tahitian is one of the most popular dishes in Tahiti.  It is made with fresh raw fish and delicately diced vegetables soaked in coconut milk and marinated with lime juice and is found throughout Tahiti.  It is a must try for all visitors and we guarantee you will want to recreate this delicious dish […]

New Zealand is a perfect destination to explore by motorhome or by private vehicle

Great travel ideas and destinations to visit Downunder this Summer

Summer Downunder, either in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere in the South Pacific is worth considering for anyone planning a trip this year. We want to give you some travel ideas and regions that are best experienced during the North American summer. An added bonus of visiting these areas is the reduced airfare you can purchase because it […]

A Luxury Travel Guide To Sydney, Australia – 15 Things To Do

Long considered one of the World’s most beautiful as well as live-able cities, Sydney is a city which effortlessly and consistently draws all types of travellers, from first-timers to globetrotters. It is the must-see city for any traveller to Australia, who come for good reason: Sydney has one of the most recognizable skylines in the world, filled […]

The Top 6 Aboriginal Experiences in Australia for Globetrotters

Connect with the world’s oldest living culture in Australia. Share some of the secrets that have been passed down for at least 50,000 years – through art, dance, myths, music and the land itself. Let Aboriginal Australians help you understand this land and its spirituality and wonder through personal interaction and hands on teachings. Australia is […]

Radisson High Tea Cupcakes

Recipe: Gluten-Free Hazelnut Cupcakes from the Radisson Blu Hotel Sydney

We are happy to share a prized recipe from one of our favorite hotels in Sydney, the Radisson Blu Hotel.  This is offered as part of the hotels famous High Tea which is available daily from 10am to 4pm. Enjoy the cupcakes, let us know how yours turnout! Gluten Free Hazelnut Cup Cakes Ingredients                              Quantity […]

Recipe: Fijian Fish Lolo

Fijian cuisine relies heavily on seafood, pork and chicken and root vegetables often cooked in “lolo” (coconut milk).  We hope you enjoy this recipe for Fijian style fish cooked in a delicious coconut cream sauce.   Our recipe below mentions serving with Cassava or Taro (root vegetables very common in Fiji) but is equally delicious served […]