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Linda Warner

Linda Warner

I grew up in small town in Switzerland and as a child France, Italy, Germany, and Spain were my vacation playgrounds. Today, Canada is my home and North and South America have been easy to fully explore. I've had the great privilege to seek out many corners of our amazing planet and have met magnificent humans and remarkable landscapes along the way. While each continent is incredible, there is something truly magical about Asia that continues to lure me back to it. It is a continent with great diversity in culture, traditions, and food. Whether it's your first time on this amazing continent or you have been many times before, I can guarantee that you will find out something new about Asia as well as yourself.

Uncovering the New Wonders of Vietnam

It’s been a decade since I was last in Vietnam and in that time the country has changed drastically. It’s still as beautiful as ever, from the karst islands of Halong Bay to the winding alleyways of Hanoi’s French Quarter.…

Wat Mahathat Temple in the precinct of Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand

5 Lessons on Wellness from a Thai Vacation

It’s no secret that Thailand is famous for wellness. It’s a nation that has pioneered affordable spa treatments, rejuvenating health techniques, and the pristine resort experience. But there’s so much more that makes Thailand an incredible destination for wellness than…

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