The Top 5 Must-See Items for a First Time Visit to IndoChina

Indochina assaults the senses of the first-time Western visitor, with its explosion of colours, scents, and sounds – wholly unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Southeast Asia has everything: teeming cities, sleepy villages, ancient temples, exotic cultures, and untamed jungles. Indochina literally buzzes with life. You could spend months touring Indochina and still not see everything. […]

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

Three Nights in Hong Kong

As a cosmopolitan, world class city, Hong Kong truly makes its own statement in the global community. Having been under the colonial influence of the British for more than a century, the city-state offers a wonderful blend of Western traditions with an Eastern mentality. Hong Kong features plenty of skyscrapers and, next to China, is considered […]

Trans Siberian Railroad Tsar's Gold train, Russia

The Luxurious Trans Siberian Railway: A Rail Journey of a Lifetime

If you ever have the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime journey across Russia, Mongolia, and China aboard a luxurious first-class train, grab it! Mostly opting for spring and summer departure dates, these fortunate travellers enjoy an unforgettable experience on the legendary Trans Siberian Railway, the longest and most fabled railway in the world! (Note: Technically, […]

Phi Phi Island wBoats, Thailand

Breathtaking Thailand

Often called the land of smiles, Thailand is a great vacation destination for all types of travellers. The perfect place to enjoy warm sunshine while experiencing a different culture, Phuket is home to palm-fringed beaches, coral reefs, and beautiful clear waters. There are a multitude of activities one can pursue. Consider a day to nearby […]

Goway Travel Supports Wildlands™ Rhino Conservation Work in South Africa

As we at Goway continue our plight against rhino poaching in South Africa, Lauren Van Nijkerk of Wildlands Conservation Trust, writes the report below of some of the progress made by various programs and projects implemented to stop this illegal and cruel act. We are still very much at war against Rhino poaching in South […]