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Globetrotting Contributing Editor - Christian’s first globetrotting adventure saw him get lost exploring the streets of Saigon. Following his nose to Asia’s best coffee, two lifelong addictions were born. A freelance writer and novelist, Christian’s travels have since taken him around his native Australia, Asia, Europe, and much of North America. His favourite trips have been through Japan, Spain, and Brazil, though with a love of off-beat, artsy cities, he’ll seize any opportunity to return to Paris, New York, or Berlin.

Thai Woman in Costume Offering Wai Greeting, Thailand

Etiquette in Thailand

Thailand is an ideal country for anyone’s first visit to Asia. There are many flights to Bangkok, entry requirements are easy for most westerners, and tourist infrastructure is well developed in all popular regions of the country. Better still, most Thais maintain a deep respect for their traditions and customs, even in the face of […]

Swinging Through Singapore

A country in a city in a garden? Make the most of your stopover with our essential guide to the many faces of Singapore.  Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, Singapore is a name that’s both familiar and strangely enigmatic. Is it a shopper’s paradise, or Asia’s most expensive city? A dull, sterile city state, […]

Enjoying Some Fiji Time

‘Fiji time’ will become a familiar phrase to anyone who visits this beautiful Pacific island. While it’s unfair to say that nothing in Fiji runs on schedule, the locals’ relaxed attitude to time seems to permeate all aspects of life from the moment you disembark at Nadi Airport. Everything is laid back here, even the […]

KYOTO UNLOCKED: Finding the Sights and Symbols of Japan’s Imperial Capital

Japan is full of beautiful cities, each with their own parks, gardens, shrines, temples, and history. However, there is something quite special about Kyoto. This old, imperial capital feels like the Japan of our imaginations, condensed into one fascinating, mid-sized city. With the exception of Tokyo, Kyoto is the most famous of Japan’s cities, the […]