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Christian Baines

Christian Baines

Globetrotting Contributing Editor - Christian’s first globetrotting adventure saw him get lost exploring the streets of Saigon. Following his nose to Asia’s best coffee, two lifelong addictions were born. A freelance writer and novelist, Christian’s travels have since taken him around his native Australia, Asia, Europe, and much of North America. His favourite trips have been through Japan, Spain, and Brazil, though with a love of off-beat, artsy cities, he’ll seize any opportunity to return to Paris, New York, or Berlin.

Be Free, Be Proud on Your Thailand Vacation 

Romance, luxury, wellness, culture… food! It’s one thing for Thailand to tempt us from afar, with fresh, complex flavours and the unmatched relaxation that comes from a Thai massage. But visiting for yourself takes the affair to new heights!   You’ve…

Why Kerala Is a Vegetarian’s Paradise

Kerala is one of India’s most enchanting regions. Shaped by global influences and the geography of its waterways, Kerala’s vegetarian cuisine is no exception. While meat dishes have grown in popularity and are now common, vegetarian (and pescatarian) options are…

Walk Through Infinite History in Petra

Instantly recognized for its rose-red stone and intricate design, Petra has carved out its place in our imaginations. There are few globetrotters who don’t yearn to visit, and from the moment you emerge from the Siq and first set eyes…

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