Bird's eye view photography of trees and body of water, Goway Travel
Bruce Hodge

Bruce Hodge

President and Founder, Goway Travel - Goway Travel started in Bruce’s Toronto apartment in 1970 with a telephone and an atlas. A former Australian banker turned tour-guide, seeing the world became his most recommended personal investment, and has since created a world company specializing in long-haul destinations for real travellers. While his bucket list only gets longer, he has run the Athens marathon, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and bush-wacked in Papua New Guinea, he’s actually a closet-magazine editor who loves nothing more than using his scissors, red pen and glue stick to add the final touches to the latest brochure. While 40+ years in North America have made him appreciate all weather conditions, as an Aussie all his staff know he’s waiting to buy them a round on Fridays at the local office pub - rain, snow or sunshine.
Landmines sign in the Falklands

Falklands puts the boot to land mines.

The following article by Ian Stalker, based on an interview of Bruce Hodge, president of Goway Travel, appeared in Canadian Travel Press, December 16, 2013. Ian and the Canadian Travel Press are, respectively, among the most respected travel writers and…

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