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Bronwyn Hodge

Bronwyn Hodge

Idyllic Islands General Manager - Growing up in a family travel business, Bronwyn has been travelling from a very young age. Her favourite experience was 3 months spent backpacking through India and Southeast Asia. She counts many countries among her ‘favourites,’ but is especially fond of Australia for its lifestyle, Cambodia for its culture and resilience, and Japan for its contrasts. She holds the proud distinction of being Goway’s only former Bollywood star – having once starred in a Coke commercial in Mumbai.
Hammock on beach, Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Five Cool Ways to Explore the Cooks

The Cook Islands may be a small island group in the South Pacific Ocean, but they offer travellers a ton of exciting things to do (aside from relaxing on the pristine white sand beaches and swimming amongst the clear lagoons!).…

How Japan celebrates Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is really a new western tradition that has spread around the world, and some countries have adopted their own interpretation of how to celebrate it. Japan is one such country -famed for their innovation- here the basic concept…

Find your Southern Beach Escape

It’s easy to take a beach vacation for granted, particularly if it becomes an annual winter escape. You may even live somewhere like California, with great local beaches at your fingertips year round. So when we go globetrotting in search…

Coconut bread

Recipe: Tahitian Coconut Bread

Coconuts are a staple food in Tahiti and a delicious way to enjoy them is by baking Tahitian coconut bread! This sweet, moist bread involves only a few ingredients and can be enjoyed at both breakfast and lunch, or any time…

The Nyepi Holiday in Bali is Incredible!

Nyepi is a “Day of Silence” and a public holiday that takes place this year on March 31st, 2014 in Bali, Indonesia. It is a unique Hindu celebration strictly devoted for self-reflection along with fasting and meditation. The Balinese are…

Six Idyllic Islands Escapes for Couples

1. Spend a night (or a week) in an Overwater Bungalow, Tahiti. Today over-water bungalows are appearing in all sorts of destinations but it was Tahiti who pioneered this benchmark of indulgent luxury and tropical charm. Falling asleep to the…

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