Bird's eye view photography of trees and body of water, Goway Travel
Akke Bos

Akke Bos

Born and raised in Holland, Akke Bos moved to Canada with her family as a teenager. This started a wanderlust from which she has not looked back. While living in Australia, she explored every nook and cranny of the South Pacific. Her travels took her all over Southeast Asia but her heart was taken once she set foot in Africa. The continent feeds her passion for nature, wildlife, fantastic food and wine, and "outside the box" travel experiences. After 30 years of planning group tours, Akke is currently living in the Middle East, enjoying the expat life with her pilot husband in Bahrain.
Malawi Beach at Sunset, Malawi

Unspoiled Beauty of Malawi

Known as the “warm heart of Africa”, Malawi is an incredibly friendly landlocked country in southeastern Africa. Completely unspoiled by mass tourism, this is the Africa you imagine, where it feels like a step back in time into another world.…

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