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Digital Content Editor - When he’s not paddling a canoe or drinking copious amounts of coffee, you’ll find Adam talking about some kind of travel plans. He spent a month doing Tai-Chi in China, horse-camped in Mongolia, rode 3rd class trains all over India, tour-guided in Europe, worked in Namibia and surfed in Costa Rica – the travel bug bit this Canadian repeatedly. Food is one highlight of any destination for him, and he’s admitted on a few times to be willing to try just about any food once, and apparently “putrefied shark wasn't that bad”.

Australia’s Northern Territory with Kelley Ferro – Landscapes

Globetrotter and film-maker Kelley Ferro helped us produce a video on Australia’s incredible Northern Territory. Each of her video’s had a theme, but before she even arrived, she planned on one entire episode focusing on the landscapes, surroundings and natural environment of the area. First off, being a desert-like terrain, the night sky, sunsets and […]

Australia’s Northern Territory with Kelley Ferro – Wildlife

Travel film-maker  Kelley Ferro helped us produce a video series on Australia’s Northern Territory, where in this episode she shines a light on some of the incredible wildlife of this region. When you think of Aussie animals, you’ll probably think of kangaroo’s or koala’s, but according to Kelley it was the feral camel which became […]

Australia’s Northern Territory with Kelley Ferro – Local Life

The second part of the video series created by Kelley Ferro in conjunction with Goway Travel showcases the local’ life in Australia’s Northern Territory. From learning Aboriginal dot-art to cooking tasty Aussie Damper fireside, travelling here is all about rolling your sleeves up and getting to really know the locals. Checkout the other video’s in […]

Australia’s Northern Territory with Kelley Ferro – Live like a local!

When some imagine Australia, they first picture beaches, surfing, rugby or a big bridge, but for others, their first image which comes to mind is that of the vast Australian outback. Red Sand, Blue Sky, Reptiles and Rodeos. We participated in a project to highlight everything great about the Australian Outback with Northern Territory tourism, […]

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb – All of Hollywood is doing it!

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is truly special when exploring the world class city of Sydney, Australia. Not just for those looking for a little excitement, the bridge climb ultimately leads you to perhaps the best lookout spot in all of Sydney (there are a lot!), it’s really fun, well-organized and totally safe. Recently Bridgeclimb […]

Man eats free for a year in airport lounge before cancelling ticket for full refund

As a travel company, we sometimes find ourselves explaining the differences in prices of airline tickets to our clients. How could one ticket cost twice as much as another, when both are flying to the same place? Typically, the most expensive tickets are ones which give the traveller the most flexibility, be it flight changes, […]

Feijoada, Collard greens and orange slices.

Recipe: Brazilian Feijoada Stew

Considered the unofficial dish of Brazil, this hearty yet simple stew is actually an interesting snapshot of Brazilian history, one as old as colonial Brazil itself. The dish has similar variations in other former Portuguese colonies like Angola, Mozambique, and Goa (India), but no trip to Brazil would be complete without trying Feijoada. It is typically […]