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Digital Content Editor - When he’s not paddling a canoe or drinking copious amounts of coffee, you’ll find Adam talking about some kind of travel plans. He spent a month doing Tai-Chi in China, horse-camped in Mongolia, rode 3rd class trains all over India, tour-guided in Europe, worked in Namibia and surfed in Costa Rica – the travel bug bit this Canadian repeatedly. Food is one highlight of any destination for him, and he’s admitted on a few times to be willing to try just about any food once, and apparently “putrefied shark wasn't that bad”.

Great Wall of China, Beijing, China

The Best Way to See China

Are you ready to get lost in the wonders of China? Visit this exotic country to experience its ancient history, see unique landmarks, and surround yourself in Chinese hospitality. From Harbin to Guilin, Shanghai to Chengdu, and locales in between, you’ll find fascinating sites where you’ll forge lasting memories. If you’re ready to consider a […]

Cultural Dos and Don’ts in Asia

Asia vacations can take you to a host of enchanting places. Whether you are getting friendly with elephants in Thailand or India, marveling at the landscape in Guilin, China, or soaking up Tokyo‘s innovative atmosphere, you are in for an unforgettable experience. However, an Asia tour doesn’t come without its caveats. Cultural norms within the world’s […]

Nice Moustache Maharaja – The World’s Most Welcoming Country to Men with Mo’s

“Nice Moustache Maharaja!” shouted another grinning local to my fellow traveller Campbell, as he and I walked through the dusty streets of Jaisalmer, in India’s North-Western state of Rajasthan. We were two scruffy backpackers making our way through postcard India, in search and in appreciation of India’s castles and fortresses, bright turbans and saris, markets, camels, […]